May be closer than you'd think if the tossups go the Huskers way. 7pm at the colliseum.

125) Sanders dec Klingsheim 3-0
Possible major cause Sanders will come out firing, but Klingsheim has that long build that gives Eric problems.

133) Riley close dec Antczak 3-3
could call this one a tossup

141) Thorn major Koehnlein 7-3
could be a pin

149) Danny Z close dec Grande 10-3

157) Husker dec Gopher 10-6

165) Burroughs tech Yohn 10-11
I'd like this to be closer

174) Glasser maj Kolb 14-11

184 Ihnen tossup KS 14-14
I think Ihnen wins at home

197) Yohn dec Johnson 17-14

hvy) Nelson tossup Lane 20-14
Lane favored but I gave Ihnen the other tossup

Gophers could lose this dual if they lose all the tossups. Minny could get enough big points from Glasser and Thorn to win even then.