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Thread: Andrew Long transferring to Penn State

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    As a neutral observer, I see Cael has got his guys wrestling at full tilt, believing in themselves, and IMPROVING after every match. Can't say the same for Iowa right now, but this is a down year. In case anyone needed to be reminded, this happens to all teams eventually.

    This thread stinks of sour grapes and "great coaches are made from winning titles" machismo---these are gasps for air by a few veteran posters who are feeling the sting of the end of an era of "domination" (at least for now) and maybe are also having trouble adjusting to relatively newer posters who have a lot to say and happen to be contributing quite a bit. Now, nobody likes to see a downturn in their team's performance but IMO you have to give full props (without underhanded, b.s. sniping) when a program like PSU gets its shit together and competes hard, "double" recruiting class or not. At the same time, PSU fans better enjoy this crop of athletes they have now while they have got them, because it seems obvious (at least to me) that this group is just going to smash the hell out of everyone for the next few years and then things may (or may not) get leaner. This is a rare class of guys.

    I read just about every thread on here, post rarely, and almost always keep my posting about the wrestling only, but I felt the need to point out some surprising and stupid stuff going on here.

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    Leave Penn St alone. WE ARE obviously going to win nationals for the next four years and reload after that. The shift of power within college wrestling is happening and it is going to rest in Happy Valley, State College or wherever the hell WE ARE. The rest of the Big Ten and especially Iowa will bow to us in Evanston the first weekend of March because WE ARE going to win our first of at least 25 conference titles in a row. WE ARE PENN ST!

    Wiltz keep your sarcasm to a minnimum please.

    "I like to relax with a chainsaw." Tom Brands 12/4/09

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    Love the photo too

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    What I really love is the fact that the Iowa fans are talking about Penn State and the Penn State fans and not about Iowa. We must be doing something right.

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    I just like it that there is something new and exciting this year, and I love it that some of it is happening here in the east. I guess I didn't realize how how boring it has gotten with the same powerhouses winning everything, every year. I never thought I'd live an hour away from the top ranked team in the country and 3 or so hours from a possible future (or current?) #1. I finally have an opportunity to actually go and see some of the best wrestling in the country RIGHT HERE, and it's awesome.

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