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Thread: new Div 1 rankings are out

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    Default new Div 1 rankings are out

    Div 1 has released their rankings and there are a ton of changes but strange ones -
    Smith drops out at 84 and LeBlanc is new #1-scheidel goes 7-0 over the weekend and wins NLO and drops 4 spots ?? Steiber drops to 15 or so -Paddock actually moves up in the rankings -SEE for your selves ...

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    Default Re: new Div 1 rankings are out

    The trick to rankings is not wrestling and be seeded high in the beginning of the year
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    Default Re: new Div 1 rankings are out

    I have looked at Intermats and TOM's primarily this year, and that's part of the reason.
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    Default Re: new Div 1 rankings are out

    Smith has dropped out of TOM's as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see him out of Intermat's when they come out. He hasn't competed in a month.

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