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Thread: David Taylor DEC Jesse Dong 9-3

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    I think the only reason a Stieber fan should be "concerned" is if he's truly pretty injured as rumors have suggested.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Last year Dong beat Bryce Saddoris 2xs, Andrew Balch, Shane Vernon, Justin Gaethje, (AA) Cyler Sanderson, (who beat DT 2xs last year & AAed), pinned Mallie Shuster, Thomas Scotton, Kyle John & lost to NCAA champ JPO bu 1 point. 2 years he beat NCAA runner up Pami.

    Last year Patterson lost to Brad Pataky 2xs (a guy who has failed to AA in years of trying) & was eliminated by Wyoming's Martinez @ the NCAAs last year.

    I will bet that if DT was wearing Black & Gold Zapp would be all over him.

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    Yeah, I am renowned for my unblinking homerism. Over on the Hawkeye boards, they almost feel bad for me I'm so biased.
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    Iowa fans have certainly been long renowned for their love for any and all things Ohio State.

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