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Thread: Mizzou highlights

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    Yeah, Dolan did not look good at all. Nice win for Schavrien, not even close except for the insane stalling calls. Hoehn's offense looks much improved. Andrew Sherry continues to impress, senior wrestling like it. Fittery beat Wagner last year at NCAA's. Brooks was Brooks - impossible to score on. Marable's offense looks great, Jordan was overwhelmingly dominant. Henderson lost but is still learning. He has insane quickness and when his skills match-up - look out! Askren didn't get to show much. Bradley with some nice takedowns, did well. Overall, the only disappointing performance was Dolan's, with Sherry, Schavrien, Marable, and Jordan looking particularly impressive.

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    I think Henderson is going to be a really good one. From a dual team standpoint I think you would be stronger with Henderson down at 174 and Jordan at 184 if Henderson would be able to make that for National Duals but besides Dolan I though Missouri looked really strong. Askren's guy wasn't going to do anything but some mock tie ups with his ass back so hard to say how Askren was going to do against that style. It did look like after the take down though that he was going to possibly start going to work on Hepburn until he tapped out with the mysterious knee injury. I guess I never really saw it even after I rewound the match twice. Must have been after he came through the back door. I think maybe as he lifted and turned, he might have brought his knee down on the side of Hepburns.

    I only caught from 165 on so can't comment on the rest.
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    Could someone please post results?

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    If you can live with the video instead, click the link above.

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    I'm happy to see Sherry do well.

    I don't know him personally, but saw him wrestle many times in high school.

    He was grossly underrated like so many local kids.

    He is a great example of local PA talent that probably didn't get recruited by PA schools and went out of state.

    Sherry, Dolan and Primus are all local Pittsburgh kids wrestling for Missouri, while PA teams are busy recruiting in NY, NJ, Ohio and beyond.

    BTW, Clarion has been signing a lot of local talent. I look for big improvement in Clarion in the next few years.

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    Someone mentioned that Primus might be leaving Missouri? Does that sound accurate?
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Haven't heard.

    But he is from the other side of town from me.


    Primus had an unorthodox style in hs. Lots of cradles which equaled to lots of pins. Conventional logic would say that his funky mat wrestling wouldn't translate well to college wrestling. But, Askren proved that wrong.

    All I can say is that he was a major league ass kicker in high school.

    It's so hard to predict collegiate success from high school. Phil Davis and Keith Gavin were just faces in the crowd in high school, while guys like Donnie Jones and Jarrod King seemed like locks for NCAA champs.

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    Primus had 20 falls his true freshman year as the starter. I think he had around 14 last year at 149 while redshirting. The rumor had a grain of truth, as he did "quit" for a couple of days last week. He's back, he's fine, he's focused, and he'll be a darn good one before all is said and done.

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    I remember the pinning rampage that he went on in the consolations at the Southern Scuffle two years ago that played a huge part in helping Missouri win the tournament.

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