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Thread: College Wrestling Rankings - Pre-Season NCAA D1 Wrestling

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    Default College Wrestling Rankings - Pre-Season NCAA D1 Wrestling

    Please read before voting: We have finished a ranking tool that should be a very fun addition to the wrestling community! I am going to outline
    all of the benefits and how this ranking system works.

    Voting Weight: Are you a heavyweight, or a light weight? Users, based on their forum standing, are given a "weight" in the polls. There are several
    factors that play a role in deciding how many votes you are worth as a poster, to keep the rankings unbiased, we will not be releasing what these factors are.

    How it Works: You enter the voting booth and select from the available names for each question. You must select a minimum of 5 per category, however, we suggest you select the All American's or Top 10. At the end of the week, the community's votes are released as TheWrestlingTalk Rankings. You will see the post appear in the College Wrestling forum.

    Everyone can vote, and if you have an issue, please ask! Don't be surprised to see errors at weight classes- we need your guidance in getting everyone where they should be.
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