TDR's Wrestling Round Table 4th Edition Wednesday Night 7 PM CST at

Lot's going on in wrestling as the season begins. Anticipation fills the air. Join us for a fun filled and informative 2 hours on Wednesday night this week starting at 7 PM. You can join in by jumping into the chat room, ask questions, voice concerns, give your opinions and share your knowledge.

Join the best of the TDR Round Table Wednesday Night starting at 7 PM-

Earl Smith-
Dan Cosimi-
Britt Malinsky- Well known wrestling pundit and number cruncher
Jeff Breese- Chief
Andrew Hipps- Founder and creative God at
Rich Fergola- Former NIACC and Dana College Head Coach
Chad Wiltsey-
J. Carl Guymon for his tremendous insight into the surprising world of College wrestling.
Koy Kosek joins us for a review and overview of D3 from around the country.

What' s your opinion on- The college wrestle off's? The start of the season for Maryland, for Lehigh? For Edinboro? You name it we can and probably will talk about it.
That's Wednesday night this week starting at 7 PM CST. Talk to you all then!