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Thread: Cyclone Intrasquad Results

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    I think clark wins easily, but we'll see
    Gold is an idiot.

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    I wouldn't say easily...Clark is like #12 and Kjar is like #18. We'll see. I know absolutely nothing about Kjar except that he was 39-9 last year. He may be goofy looking but you don't see too many 125 lb'ers built like that. He's a 25 year old sophomore. I am guessing he is 5'0" tops. Assuming he's a mormon and that he went on a little "mission trip" after 2002.

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    gg, hope you don't need new glasses
    I'll have to make that optometrist appointment today.

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    At 141 Jensen seems to continue to push Gallick, who I have seen rated as high as #1 at 141. How good is this Jensen kid?

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