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Thread: ASU vs. UC-Davis

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    Default ASU vs. UC-Davis

    Match Date: 11/8/2008
    Match Results for School: Arizona State University
    Opponent School: UC Davis
    Arizona State University: 26
    UC Davis: 12

    125: Robles, Anthony (Arizona State University) FALL Marcos Orozco(UC Davis) 4:05

    133: Brandon Low (UC Davis) DEC Jimenez, Orlando(Arizona State University) 3-7

    141: Drouin, Chris (Arizona State University) MD Nexi Delgado(UC Davis) 12-3

    149: Barrett Abel (UC Davis) DEC Varela, Vicente(Arizona State University) 10-4

    157: Joseph Wilson (UC Davis) DEC Swigart, Michael(Arizona State University) 1-5

    165: DeBerry, Kyle (Arizona State University) DEC Dustin Noack(UC Davis) 4-3

    174: Starks, Eric (Arizona State University) MD Joseph Mount(UC Davis) 17-9

    184: Cranford, Jake (Arizona State University) DEC Jonathon Clark(UC Davis) 6-5

    197: Moen, Thor (Arizona State University) For Abraham Otrambo(UC Davis) 2-

    285: Ricardo Alcala (UC Davis) DEC Nye, Eric(Arizona State University) 1-2

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    Gotta love a guy named Thor.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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