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Discuss Scott Giffin @ 165 at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Looks like Giffin is registered @ 165 for the Nittany Lion Open. I think he ...
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    Default Scott Giffin @ 165

    Looks like Giffin is registered @ 165 for the Nittany Lion Open. I think he likes his chances against Kerber more than Lewnes for the EIWA title.

    Will face Asper, Kaylor, Turtog, Kemerer and Scotten this weekend.
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    Default Re: Scott Giffin @ 165

    saw that and asked KR if it was a mistake but he says that is what he registered at so who knows -went from 184 to 165 in 2 weeks ??

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    Default Re: Scott Giffin @ 165

    NCAA's weight control plan is amazing.
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    Default Re: Scott Giffin @ 165

    The NLO registration now shows that Giffin is moved up to 174. He will be going against Letts & Ruth. With him being @ 74 that gives that weight 4 ranked wrestlers, the most @ this tourney. That also gives 174 61 wrestlers.

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