A good weekend of college wrestling is soon to be upon us, thus I've decided to see if anyone wanted to make some bold predictions about who will assert themselves in the ranks of the best at their weight class. It's easy to say that Lewnes, Howe, and Dake will win the Las Vegas Tournament this weekend, but I'm creating this thread to see if anyone had any input on guys that haven't established themselves yet.

Favorite team: Oklahoma
Breakthrough wrestler for Oklahoma: Chase Nelson
I'm looking for Chase Nelson to place in the top 4 of the Las Vegas Invitational tourney this weekend and finish ahead of such opponents as #7 Gillespie, #15 Jones, and #19 DesRoches.

Breakthrough wrestler overall: Devin Carter
I'm ever so boldly predicting that Carter will finish in the top 3 this weekend and prove that he can be dominant this year. I'm saying he finishes higher than #4 Grey, #5 Novachkov, and #6 Sentes.