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    I've heard a lot of hype around this kid recently. He is obviously better than I ever was. I've seen him wrestle a few times both live and on line.

    He's got spectacular coaching at TOSU, but I've never been really impressed by him. So with the new season upon us, I was intereted to see what improvements he's made.

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    Now, He looks obviously a blue chip compared to this kid from Gannon, whatever that is, who actually doesn't look that bad at all realistically for whatever division that is. But someone has to explain to me something I just don't understand.

    He's improved a lot in the athletiscism department and his leg attacks look like he's been working hard with Weakly and Rowlands, but really, how is it that he doesn't finish the shot on that beautiful highcrotch around the the end of the second period. seriously. The set up, positioning, penetration was amazing, but how is it possible that he doesn't finish it? EDIT -its at 7:40 or so.

    Entertaining start to an exciting season. He'll be a big part of the Buckeye run. He could be a a huge difference on an already solid team. Or he could be less so. It will be fun to watch. Good luck Corey.
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    I thought this was going to be about the totally hot girl I graduated high school with who has the same name as this kid. Instead, it's about wrestling. What a let down.

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    Well, being from maywood, thats sort of close.

    Sometimes I really miss Chicago.
    "It is the difference between humble and hubris that distinguishes their positions." -TLV

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