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Thread: All Star Showcase Most Difficult to Predict ?

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    Default All Star Showcase Most Difficult to Predict ?

    Which bout are you finding most to difficult a winner? Me, Leen v Vallimont, but I'm leening toward Vallimont.

    Full line-ups
    125- #2 Troy Nickerson (Cornell) vs #3 Charlie Falck (Iowa)
    133- #1 Joey Slaton (Iowa) vs #2 Jayson Ness (Minnesota)
    141- #1 J Jaggers (Ohio State) vs #2 Nick Gallick (Iowa State)
    149- #1 Brent Metcalf (Iowa) vs #2 Bubba Jenkins (Penn State)
    157- #1 Jordan Leen (Cornell) vs #3 Dan Vallimont (Penn State)
    165- #1 Nick Marable (Missouri) vs #2 Mack Lewnes (Cornell)
    174- #1 Steve Luke (Michigan) vs #2 Jay Borschel (Iowa)
    184- #1 Mike Pucillo (Ohio State) vs #3 Phil Keddy (Iowa)
    197- #1 Jake Varner (Iowa State) vs #2 Hudson Taylor (Maryland)
    285- #1 Jake Rosholt (Oklahoma State) vs #3 Kyle Massey (Wisconsin)
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