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Thread: #2 Oklahoma State v. #3 Minnesota Predictions/Discussion/Results

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    Shoulder. In a sling at the dual today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    #8 Chris Perry v. UR Kevin Steinhaus (Perry dec, 16-9 Oklahoma State)

    Just like 141 and 174, already happened in the Kauffman Brand finals.
    Except that everyone who saw that 2-1 match is picking KS in the rematch.

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    I assume that "everyone" actually means "everyone at the Guillotine?"

    In which case I'll stick with established results when making my predictions until shown otherwise.
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    Sanders-D 3-0
    Oliver-TF 3-5
    Thorn-D 6-5
    Parks-D 6-8
    White-D 6-11
    Bailey-D 6-14
    Benefiel-D 6-17
    Perry-D 6-20
    Foster-D 6-23
    Nelson/Berhow-D 9-23

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    A few observations form the weekend.

    125. Waldo was holding Sanders at bay, I kept saying to lost, wait for the 3rd period. Sanders just went to a whole new gear Waldo could not fathom. I agree this is the match I most want to see. I would not be shocked in a 10-9 match or Sanders getting a Major. Either way should be fun.

    133. May be ugly Oliver gets a major and that is the best case for Minny.

    141. Much like Sanders if Thorn really opens up on Silver he could earn some bonus.

    149. Agree, Zilverberg is pretty talented but made a lot of rookie mistakes. I would expect to see him beating some guys later in the year. But for now, I see Parks winning easy in this one (could be a major)

    157. Ortiz actually looked pretty decent this weekend. Should be bigger then White but if do not see white losing here.

    165. I see Yohn reversing this one IMO.

    174. If Glasser goes this would be match of the night part 2. If not we may see some guys bumping around weights.

    184. This is interesting. Steinhaus wrestled very tight in his first match against Trotman and showed little offense. After that he really opened up and seemed to relax. Friend is not all start right now, but he did go 3-0 with Bosak last week and Steinhaus destroyed him. If Steinhaus comes out aggressive and attacks he may pull an upset here. If you have not seen him wrestle you may be impressed when you do.

    197. I just can't see Yohn winning this. He has no answer for Foster on his feet.

    Hwt. I see Nelson winning one here.

    This could be a close exciting dual or it could get ugly fast for Minny.
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    Even though Thorn should win and maybe easily I would be surprised to see Luke give up the major. Despite being about a 500 wrestler so far in his career he has done well in keeping it fairly close. I think 141 is a much better fit for him. I'm not sure how the points were scored last time, but I was under the impression that Luke had a full period ride. That is a big time help in limiting how many points the other guy can score.

    Pins are always nice, but I kind of wish Perry had had a chance to really get his offense going against Bucknell. I know this one was a close one at K-B but again no idea how it went down. I think if they are both active and getting things going that favors Perry.

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    on an interesting note steinhouse i believe wrestled zach sanders back in high school at the minnesota state tourney.
    sanders won, don't know the score though

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    Sanders WBD Morrison 3-0
    Oliver WbD Thane 3-3
    Thorn WBD Silver 6-3
    Parks WBD Zilverburg 6-6
    White WBD Ortiz 9-6
    Bailey WBD Yohn 12-6
    Benefiel WBD Glasser 15-6
    Perry WBD Steinhaus 18-9
    Foster WBD Yohn 21-9
    Nelson WBD Rosholt 21-9

    A few iffy ones but I feel pretty good about most of those except that Morrison might pull the upset. It's possible Oliver Majors or even Techs, but Thane seems competitive enough that it might be a 9-2 type of match.
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    For once I agree with Vais, Antczak wrestles tough and I predict he holds Oliver to a dec.

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