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Thread: 2010 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational: Predictions/Results/Discussion

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    Default Re: 2010 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational: Predictions/Results/Discussion

    What other notable absentees are there? Dake, Brandvold, Kirk Smith, Grey...

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    Default Re: 2010 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational: Predictions/Results/Discussion

    Meagher tech fall 17-2 over Ross od Southern Illinois

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    [QUOTE=SetonHallPirate;351967]In what should be a surprise to absolutely nobody, I'll be there!

    Hi Seton Hall, you are awesome keeping us up to date... is there any news on a link to brackets yet? At least I am not finding any on the cklv website, just last years results. Help? thanks!

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    Any news on bracket links yet? I haven't had any luck... thanks for being there in our place tho!

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    Any upsets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    Any upsets?
    a quick scan through and nothing jumped out at me as far as upsets.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    tournament is sailing along at a snails pace -their equipment malfunctioned and I have results through 184 but am not going to type them all..closest to upset is Steiber beating CalBakers back up 2-1

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    1: Flint Ray (Utah Valley) fall David Prado (Arizona State), 1:30
    2: Matt Ortega (Indiana) dec. Jake Fleckenstein (Purdue), 9-3
    3: Akif Eren (Purdue) dec. Josh Yurasits (Drexel), 9-4
    4: Scott Mattingly (Central Michigan) dec. Naveed Bagheri (San Francisco State), 3-2
    5: Cole VonOhlen (Air Force) fall Peter Hoang (Cal State-Fullerton), 6:49
    6: Sean Nemec (Ohio State) dec. Christopher Santana (Cal Baptist), 6-5
    7: Eric Terrazas (Illinois) tech Austen Moore (Grand Canyon), 15-0;4:10
    8: Donnie Corby (Central Michigan) dec. Sam Patacsil (Purdue), 5-3SV
    9: Bubba Jenkins (Arizona State) maj. Alex Elder (Oregon State), 11-3
    10: Peter Yates (Virginia Tech) maj. Colton Palmer (North Carolina State), 13-2
    11. DJ Meagher (Cornell) maj. Steven Ross (SIU-Edwardsville), 15-2
    12: Jared Kusar (Ohio State) dec. Ryan Konz (Indiana), 5-3SV
    13: Gabe Hocum (SIU-Edwardsville) dec. Nick Zumwald (Dickinson State), 6-2
    14: Dillon Kern (Central Michigan) dec. Brandon Vorrius (Brown), 12-8
    15: Antthony Robles (Arizona State) tech Shane Young (West Virginia), 16-0;6:02
    16: Steven Keith (Harvard) maj. Jacob Tanenbaum, 10-2
    17: Andre Gonzalez (Cal State-Fullerton) fall Kyle Waldo (Central Michigan), 2:06
    18: Jason Lara (Oregon State) maj. Billy Watterson (Brown), 15-3
    19: Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech) maj. Penn Gottfried (Columbia), 16-2
    20: Kyle McCrite (North Idaho) dec. Sean Boyle (Michigan), 9-5
    21: Trent Sprenkle (North Dakota State) maj. Shane McQuade (Wisconsin), 17-5
    22: Logan Stieber (Ohio State) dec. Tyler Iwamura (Cal State-Bakersfield), 2-1
    23: Logan Arlis (Illinois) tech Robert Meador (Dickinson State), 17-2;2nd
    24: Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) maj. Michael Moreno (North Carolina State), 10-2
    25: Frank Perrelli (Cornell) dec. Allen Bartelli (Boise State), 6-2
    26: Justin Brooks (Indiana) dec. Pierre Bondoc (San Francisco State), 7-3
    27: Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma) tech Manuel Ramirez (North Carolina-Greensboro), 17-0;6:47
    28: Andrew Hochstrasser (Boise State) tech Marcus Orona (Cal State-Fullerton), 16-0;6:12
    29: Landon Saldana (Cal Baptist) dec. Richard Serna (Western Wyoming), 5-3
    30: Kelly Kubec (Oregon State) dec. Shay Warren (Harvard), 6-0
    31: held due to timing issues
    32: Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) fall Derek Gillespie (Air Force), 2:10
    33: Jordan Keller (Oklahoma) maj. Brock Banta (North Idaho), 12-0
    34: Zac Stevens (Michigan) dec. Cortlandt Choate (Brown), 11-5
    35: Scotti Sentes (Central Michigan) tech Frank Cimato (Drexel) 16-0,3:12
    36: Filip Novachkov (Cal Poly) maj. Allen Stein (Navy), 15-2
    37: Jose Mendoza (Cal State-Bakersfield) dec. Kyle Gilchrist (Columbia), 11-9
    38: Joseph Stanzione (Cornell) fall Brian Tharp (San Francisco State), 2:47
    39: Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra) tech Nathan Pennesi (West Virginia), 16-0;5:44
    40: Ian Paddock (Ohio State) fall Kevin Hansen (Dickinson State), 2:24
    41: Bernard Futrell (Illinois) fall Cameron Vance (SIU-Edwardsville), :50
    42: Matt Ortega (Indiana) maj. Jamel Johnson (North Carolina-Greensboro), 14-5
    43: Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) tech Todd Wilcox (Grand Canyon), 19-4;7:00
    44: Zack Bailey (Oklahoma) maj. Grant Overcashier (Brown), 12-3
    45: Mitchell Ritchey (Indiana) dec. Kalin Goodsite (Arizona State), 7-1
    46: Darius Little (North Carolina State) dec. Akif Eren (Purdue), 3-1
    47: Elijah Nacita (Cal State-Bakersfield) tech Josh Houldsworth (Columbia), 15-0;4:28
    48: Christopher Diaz (Virginia Tech) dec. Mike Morales (West Virginia), 7-5
    49: Vicente Varela (Hofstra) fall Lino Estrada (Grand Canyon), 1:11
    50: Adam Orton (Dickinson State) dec. Lawrence Blackful (SIU-Edwardsville), 6-5
    51: Borislav Novachkov (Cal Poly) fall Randall Languis (Ohio State), 3:52
    52: James Kennedy (Illinois) maj. Justin Morrill (Utah Valley), 12-2
    53: Joe Locksmith (Navy) dec. Michael Crowley (North Carolina-Greensboro), 5-0
    54: Scott Mattingly (Central Michigan) dec. Daniel Arnel (Wisconsin), 8-2
    55: Joseph Alie (Harvard) fall Michael Mangrum (Oregon State), 4:23
    56: Cole VonOhlen (Air Force) fall Braden Mowry (North Idaho), 6:55
    57: Christopher Villalonga (Cornell) fall Markos Serna (Western Wyoming), 2:14
    58: Josh Strait (Boise State) dec. Mike Bell (Duke), 10-6
    59: Kellen Russell (Michigan) maj. Trevor Johnson (North Dakota State), 13-2
    60: Jason Chamberlain (Boise State) dec. Eric Grajales (Michigan), 9-4
    61: Sean Nemec (Ohio State) maj. Taihei Fukumoto (Arizona State), 11-0
    62: Sccott Sakaguchi (Oregon State) dec. Philip Marano (Brown), 7-2
    63: John Cardenas (Cal State-Bakersfield) dec. Nick Lester (Oklahoma), 4-3
    64: Brian Stephens (Virginia Tech) maj. Eric Filipowicz (Navy), 14-3
    65: Hicks Manson (Cornell) maj. Mckray Jones (North Idaho), 10-2
    66: Austin Sommer (Drexel) dec. Justin Schumacher (Western Wyoming), 12-6
    67: Kurt Kinser (Indiana) fall Jordan Ewen (Dickinson State), 6:54
    68: Ivan Lopouchanski (North Carolina-Greensboro) dec. Nicholas Jordan (Cal State-Fullerton), 4-0
    69: Joshua Kreimier (Air Force) fall Matthew Thomas (San Francisco State), 5:57
    70: Eric Terrazas (Illinois) dec. Josh Wilson (Utah Valley), 3-0
    71: Brandon Rader (West Virginia) maj. Christopher Piccolella (Duke), 14-0
    72: Coulthurst Schmitt (Wisconsin) maj. Derrick Pousson (SIU-Edwardsville), 12-2
    73: Justin Accordino (Hofstra) fall Brett Farina (North Carolina State), 2:46
    74: Donnie Corby (Central Michigan) dec. Steve Santos (Columbia), 3-2
    75: Corey Jantzen (Harvard) tech Andrey Patselov (North Dakota State), 19-2
    76: Bubba Jenkins (Arizona State) maj. Jonathan Rodebaugh (North Carolina-Greensboro), 11-1
    77: Vincent Salminen (North Dakota State) dec. Ryan Harding (Duke), 8-1
    78: Aaron Hynes (Michigan) dec. Matt Lester (Oklahoma), 9-4
    79: Barrett Abel (Cal Poly) dec. Kyle Dooley (Illinois), 6-3
    80: Paul Young (Indiana) fall Jake O’Hara (Columbia), 4:32
    81: Charles York (Wisconsin) dec. Curtis Cook (Utah Valley), 4-1
    82: Jeremy Bommarito (North Idaho) dec. Juan Carlos Maynes (Grand Canyon), 6-4
    83: Bryce Saddoris (Navy) dec. Tyler Banks (Hofstra), 8-1
    84: Colt Sponseller (Ohio State) maj. Dave Foxen (Brown), 16-4
    85: Adam Miller (Central Michigan) maj. Charles Aungst (Drexel), 8-0
    86: Walter Peppelman (Harvard) fall Joshua Nolan (San Francisco State), 1:02
    87: Peter Yates (Virginia Tech) tech Brad Steele (Dickinson State), 18-3;4:48
    88: Colton Salazar (Purdue) tech Bronson Gerl (Cal Baptist), 19-2;3:00
    89: DJ Meagher (Cornell) fall Dillon Karjanis (Western Wyoming), 1:05
    90: Ryan Goodman (West Virginia) dec. David Rios (Cal State-Fullerton), 3-1
    91: Adam Hall (Boise State) dec. Andrew Balch (Cal State-Bakersfield), 11-4
    92: Andrew Howe (Wisconsin) fall Mike Fucci (Grand Canyon), 6:19
    93: Isaiah Jimenez (San Francisco State) dec. Clayton Schulke (Cal State-Fullerton), 6-1
    94: Conrad Polz (Illinois) dec. Kyle Mosier (Purdue), 7-4
    95: Tejovan Edwards (Arizona State) fall Jake Mason (North Idaho), 2:23
    96: Chase Nelson (Oklahoma) fall Jeffrey Lemmer (Brown), 4:30
    97: Joe Booth (Drexel) dec. Jeb Clark (Utah Valley), 10-5
    98: Jared Kusar (Ohio State) dec. Colton Gleason (North Carolina State), 8-2
    99: Paul Gillespie (Hofstra) maj. Adam Hogue (Harvard), 9-0
    100: Justin Kerber (Cornell) maj. Tyler Johnson (North Dakota State), 12-4
    101: Clayton Gable (Air Force) dec. Travis Sheehy (North Carolina-Greensboro), 6-4
    102: Chris Moon (Virginia Tech) dec. Jonathan Brascetta (Oregon State), 5-4
    103: Ryan DesRoches (Cal Poly) fall Gabe Hocum (SIU-Edwardsville), 1:53
    104: Eren Civan (Columbia) dec. Kurt Swartz (Boise State), 8-7
    105: Dan Yates (Michigan) fall Dylan Bushby (Western Wyoming), 4:20
    106: Trevor Hall (Cal State-Bakersfield) dec. David Henry (Duke), 4-1
    107: Mike Miller (Central Michigan) maj. Bobby Barnhisel (Navy), 10-2
    108: Mack Lewnes (Cornell) tech. Joseph Stafford (Air Force), 5:33
    109: Victor Carazo (Grand Canyon) maj. Jared Kay (Brown), 14-1
    110: Benjamin Jordan (Wisconsin) fall Bryce Whitehead (Cal State-Fullerton), :44
    111: Justin Zeerip (Michigan) maj. Steven Vasquez (Cal Poly), 8-0
    112: Colby Covington (Oregon State) fall MacKain Stoll (North Dakota State), 1:32
    113: Eric Starks (Arizona State) dec. Quinton Godley (North Carolina State), 9-4
    114: Byron Sigmon (North Carolina-Greensboro) dec. Gene Choi (San Francisco State), 5-1
    115: Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma) tech Christopher Knowland (Cal Baptist), 18-3;7:00
    116: Ben Bennett (Central Michigan) dec. Matt Demichiel (Navy), 9-4
    117: Bret Klopp (Duke) dec. Nick Avery (Indiana), 3-1
    118: Nick Heflin (Ohio State) dec. Joseph Granata (Cal State-Bakersfield), 5-2
    119: Luke Manuel (Purdue) maj. Matt Weston (West Virginia), 11-2
    120: Ryan Patrovich (Hofstra) maj. Jesse Nielsen (North Idaho), 8-0
    121: Jacob Swartz (Boise State) fall Shawn Seppala (Western Wyoming), 3:52
    122: Justin Wieller (Drexel) dec. Ian Roy (Harvard), 7-3
    123: Jordan Blanton (Illinois) dec. Stephen West (Columbia), 11-8
    124: Steve Bosak (Cornell) fall Zachary Johnson (San Francisco State), 1:36
    125: Todd Noel (Cal State-Fullerton) dec. Diego Bencomo (Duke), 8-5
    126: Tony Dallago (Illinois) fall Bryce Wilson (Cal Baptist), 4:31
    127: Matt Ryan (West Virginia) maj. Ken Moenkedick (North Dakota State), 8-0
    128: Erich Schmditke (Oklahoma) tech Clayton Roth (Western Wyoming), 18-1;4:29
    129: Eric Cameron (Indiana) maj. Kelan Bragg (Cal Poly), 10-2
    130: Jake Meredith (Arizona State) dec. Brice Arand (Oregon State), 3-2
    131: Luke Rebertus (Navy) maj. Shawn Fausey (Drexel), 13-5
    132: Travis Rutt (Wisconsin) maj. Casen Eldredge (Utah Valley), 10-2
    133: Troy Goodban (Cal State-Bakersfield) fall Nicholas Mills (Columbia), 3:48
    134: Hunter Collins (Michigan) dec. Randy Larson (Boise State), 5-1
    135: Thomas Spellman (Virginia Tech) fall Dillon Kern (Central Michigan), 1:51
    136: Andrew Saunders (North Carolina-Greensboro) dec. Jordan Bakley (SIU-Edwardsville), 7-2
    137: Peter Capone (Ohio State) fall Justin Korthuis (North Idaho), 3:48
    138: Cameron Croy (Harvard) maj. Colt Goff (Dickinson State), 14-6
    139: A.J. Kissel (Purdue) fall Ryan Becerra (Grand Canyon), 3:30
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Default Re: 2010 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational: Predictions/Results/Discussion

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