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    While it certainly doesn't carry the luster of the duals over the last couple of years, this match is still coming up here in eight days and does contain some semi-intriguing match ups.

    The dual will be webcast on

    #1 Matt McDonough v. UR Patrick Hunter (McDonough fall, 6-0 Iowa)

    While you'd still definitely pick a McDonough win, and possibly one by way of bonus this one would be a heck of a lot more interesting had KJ pulled Ryak Finch who has looked every bit as good if not better than expected so far this year. McDonough rolls here.

    #9 "Tyler Clark/Nate Moore v. UR Ben Cash or UR Brandon Jones ("Tyler Clark/Nate Moore major, 10-0 Iowa)

    Storyline wise it would probably be most interesting if Clark is able to go and you get to see him make both his official introduction the Iowa line up and his dramatic return to Ames here in the context of this dual.

    UR Mark Ballweg v. #12 Chris Drouin (Drouin dec, 10-3 Iowa)

    Other than projecting a Drouin win its kind of hard to foresee how this match goes down just because Mark Ballweg is still a very much unknown quality. Drouin has been wrestling well early this year so bonus points could be a possibility.

    UR Jeret Chiri (per Andy Hamilton's Twitter) v. #17 Nate Carr Jr. (Carr dec, 10-6 Iowa)

    Similar to Drouin though Carr has impressed me with how he's been wrestling early this year. Andy Hamilton has a post on Twitter stating that Chiri will be the guy in the line up for Iowa at least this week so for the time being I'll be running under the assumption that he'll be there on the 3rd as well. This is a match that Carr should win.

    #10 Derek St. John v. UR Trent Weatherman (St. John dec, 13-6 Iowa)

    Weatherman definitely ranks up near the top of the list in terms of guys that I overrated coming into the season. I thought St. John was going to be better than him anyway coming into the year and their performances have done nothing to disabuse me of that notion. Weatherman has given some bonus up this year but its happened against guys who have turned him from top, which really isn't St. John's style.

    #16 Jake Kerr v. #17 Andrew Sorenson (Kerr dec, 16-6 Iowa)

    Closest match up of the dual rankings wise. Neither guy here in someone who is going to set the world on fire, but both make solid contributions to their teams. Sorenson lost both his matches against Iowa last year to Jannsen, so as of right now I'll say tradition holds and Kerr wins it here.

    #19 Ethen Lofthouse v. #3 Jon Reader (Reader dec, 16-9 Iowa)

    Here we have what should be in my opinion by far the best match of the dual. Reader has been off to his usual hot start to the season having gotten bonus points in every match he's wrestled and looked just mean while doing so. Lofthouse comes in after a stellar redshirt year and solid spring wrestling freestyle. Both guys wrestle exciting styles so hopefully we see some points here in this bout.

    #7 Grant Gambrall v. UR Cole Shafer (Gambrall dec, 19-9 Iowa)

    Not really a lot to say here. Gambrall really isn't a big scorer but he should win here without much trouble.

    #12 Luke Lofthouse v. #11 Jerome Ward (Ward dec, 19-12 Iowa)

    After beating Phil Keddy in both Iowa v. Iowa State duals last year, lets just say I don't think that this is a match that Jerome Ward should be losing. Should he wind up getting knocked off I think I'll at the very least have a clear answer to the question of who I was overrating the most coming into this season.

    #16 Blake Rasing v. UR Kyle Simonson or UR Matt Gibson (Rasing dec, 22-12 Iowa)

    I don't know who I'd send out for this match if I were Iowa State as both guys have looked solid so far this year. Both guys have put up some solid results (especially Gibson in winning the Hokie Open) and are guys who have big moves in their arsenal. Theo only possible problem is that its awful tough to hit big moves on someone as big as Rasing.
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