Thanks for the suggestions regarding the PS interviews you want to hear. We're trotting them out slowly but surely. Not trying to burn them all out quickly and then wait a month for some more.

While it's standard that I don't "advertise" on forums, either this one or that one, one thing I would like to bring some folks up to speed on is the inclusion of weekly technique video clips from the NWCA archives of clinicians.

I just got done working with Joe Dubuque, Dave Crowell and Donny Pritzlaff's clips and they are anywhere from 3-10 minute sessions on drills, technique, philosophy, and defense.

They'll be part of the PS and we'll be trotting them out come Mid-September (after I get back from the Worlds).

Thanks to you guys who offered suggestions on interviews ... we'll be doing a lot more when the season gets rolling and the "Getting to Know" features will also be returning 2-3 a week.