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Thread: Boise State Duals

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    Default Boise State Duals

    Anyone know anything?
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Boise State Duals

    I am looking also.
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    Default Re: Boise State Duals

    I can assure you that Trusty knows or will know soon since he has 1/2 of Boise State's team.
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    Default Re: Boise State Duals

    I do know that Boise State won 39-3, and Tony Mustari was the only W for the Bears.

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    Default Re: Boise State Duals

    it seems like they only wrestled one dual today...

    I think trusty picked up about 30 points, to save time we should just add boise states team score to his total every time they wrestle a dual
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Boise State Duals


    141 - Eli Hutchison (BSU) pin Lance Gallegos (NCU) 3:25

    149 - Nathaniel Holt (BSU) dec. Mitchell Polkowske NCU) 6-4

    157 - Adam Hall (BSU) major dec. Tanner Wicks (NCU) 10-2

    165 - Tyler Sherfey (BSU) pin Tim Frank (NCU) 4:05

    174 - Nate Lee (BSU) tech fall Brendan Counters dell (NCU) 22-8

    184 - Kurt Swartz (BSU) dec. Ryan Johnson (NCU) 7-3

    197 - Kirk Smith (BSU) major dec. Patrick Kerry (NCU) 12-3

    285 - Nick Smith dec. Justin Tuell 6-0

    125 - Tony Mustari (NCU) dec. Brian Owen (BSU) 1-0

    133 - Andrew Hochstrasser (BSU) tech fall Brett Mahe (NCU) 17-3
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    Default Re: Boise State Duals

    Oh man, is Hutchison the presumed starter?
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    Default Re: Boise State Duals

    Is Hashimoto wrestling for Northern Colorado this year? He is fun to watch with all the judo throws...

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    Word from Trusty who would know is that Hashimoto may be out for a while with an injury.

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