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Thread: Perry to OSU

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    Default Perry to OSU

    Chris Perry staying in Oklahoma...
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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    Who was his one loss to?
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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    It says he's ranked #3. Who's the top 10?

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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    1. David Taylor (Iowa State)
    2. Eric Grajales (Michigan)
    3. Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
    4. Alec Ortiz (Minnesota)
    5. RJ Pena (Oregon State)
    6. Colin Palmer (Ohio State)
    7. Derek St. John (Iowa)
    8. Zach Toal (Missouri)
    9. Austin Meys (Undecided)
    10. Trent Weathermen (Undecided)

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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    Man. I thought he would be a shoo in for Penn St with mark there.

    I have heard he is a home body though.

    This is a very evenly distributed top 10 for the recruiting classes.

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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    I've never heard of this Ortiz guy
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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    Chris lost his freshman year to Trevor Adkisson 4-3. Chris beat Adkisson for his first state title the following week. Adkisson wrestles for UCO now, after a brief stint at OCU.

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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    Is he going 184 because they have Clayton Foster for three more years at 197.

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    Default Re: Perry to OSU

    Chris doesn't look like he'd be a 197 right away, although I'm sure he'll probably see time there eventually, depending on the results of Clayton Foster.

    In what I've seen from them both as scholastic wrestlers, Foster is the bigger of the two, but who knows how the dining halls in Stillwater are. I just know Mexico Joe's kicks ass.

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