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Thread: Nickerson staying at 125

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    Default Nickerson staying at 125

    I guess all the talk of him at 133 was premature:

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    He is in the All-Star at 125 so it shouldn't be too much of a shock.

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    Then I am an idiot... I remember seeing him at 133 in the rankings.

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    It talks about him personally contemplating going 33 in the first paragraph of the article, so I wouldn't call you an idiot as it definitely was a possibility.

    Should be fun to see, I'll just be glad to see him back out there. Hes a fun guy to watch.

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    I just don't see him beating Angel this year. IMO he has a better chance of winning NCAAs at 133.

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    Nickerson vs Escobedo should be a great kickoff to the finals. According the above article, Nickerson has had Escobedo's number in the past. Same with Ness. Hopefully he's healthy and stays aggressive.

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    Lets think about this for a second. Anyone remember him pinning Esco and dominating him all year? Ness and Falck as well?

    Yes, he was out a year. But lets not forget that this kid has 2nd and 3rd place finishes in his only two seasons (losing to the national champ both time on a fairly controversial call). Nickerson is still the guy to beat if you ask me. I bet you Esco feels the same way.
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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    I think the wrestler at 125 who is flying under the radar is Charlie Falck. All the talk is about Nickerson Escobeeeeedo and Peter North. Falck has the ability, which he showed last year, to beat Escobeeeeedo and North. Beating Nickerson will depend on Charlies improvement from last year and Nickersons ability to knock the rust off from a season out of competition.

    I am a Hawkeye Homer, but I think that Charlie deserves to be in the discussion at 125.

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    Default Re: Nickerson staying at 125

    In the discussion yes but he has yet to make a finals like the other two and Ness would always just destroy Falck. I think whoever manages their weight the best come NCAA's is going to win it. In that sense I think Falck and Precin have a real shot as well. They have never looked "big" for 125.
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