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    Post D3 College Wrestling Preseason Rankings: 285

    Blake Gillis spent 4 years in the finals at this weight, finally taking the title in 2007. With both finalists gone, one of the returning All-Americans at this weight will look to capture the championship. Levitin, Hiffa, and Rutledge return as All-Americans, while Miller, Bowers, Laurent, Bilquist, Taylor, Tartar, and Wilbert all qualified last season. The newcomers include at least the five state champs listed, making 285 a deep weight for 2007-2008

    1. Levitin (Hunt)
    2. Hiffa (One)
    3. Miller (Luth)
    4. Rutledge (Knox)
    5. Bowers (Heid)
    6. Laurent (LX)
    7. Bilquist (DV)
    8. Taylor (Osw)
    9. Tartar (Muhl)
    10. Wilbert (Ply)

    Johnson (WW)
    Edwards (Thiel)
    Kauffman (Lor)
    Misko (Oliv)
    Carder (Coe)
    Carbone (NJ)
    Panizzi (York)
    Williams (Urs)

    Wozniak (WSP) 2nd WI
    Gesford (Lyc) 6th PA
    Glotfelty (McD) MD Champ
    Fisher (ONU) MI Champ
    Binek (LX) WI Champ
    Laplante (Osh) 4th WI
    Toll (WW) WI Champ
    Christopher (Getty) FL Champ
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