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    BTN wrestling online

    Silverman said he hopes to air every wrestling meet involving Big Ten schools within the next two years ? online.

    "We'd love to do more wrestling, especially with Iowa and Minnesota being big wrestling universities," Silverman said. "I think we're going to do more wrestling via online.

    "We're looking to blow out our streaming business. This year we're doing 100 events streaming for free. Next year we'd like to triple that to 300. I really feel there's a great opportunity for every single wrestling match, every single one is either on television or streaming."
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    I think the BTN would probably mirror what the Horizon League has done with their conference coverage in other sports. BTN's product is great and I'm sure their tricaster "bugs" (industry term) would work well for BTN broadcasts.

    BigSky is also doing this for other sports.

    This is where a lot of conferences are going, but the smaller ones without "TV" networks are saving their money from large ESPN buys (so you can get the one or two mid-major games on TV) and giving it back to the schools to produce league networks online.

    This is similar to the route Wrestling 411 is going with its online distribution, but we're still working the TV/Radio angle.

    When you get professional backing, things will end up working greater for smaller sports and conferences.

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