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Thread: Stieber vs Zanetta

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    Default Stieber vs Zanetta

    Stieber will have a true test this weekend as he opens up his college career.
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    Default Re: Stieber vs Zanetta

    If Stieber is as good as we all think he is, honestly this shouldn't wind up being much of a test.

    Zanetta did just lose to Sean Boyle this past weekend.

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    Default Re: Stieber vs Zanetta

    Boyle had some bad results last year but still was a pretty big recruit coming out of high school. Number 3 at 119 his Sr. Yr nationally. Still a match you'd expect Zanetta to win, however.
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    Default Re: Stieber vs Zanetta

    Yeah, I mean he's not terrible (Boyle that is). He's also decidedly not Logan Stieber either.

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    Boy its hard to take Zanetta in this match after the loss at Michigan. I dont think it will be anything more then a decision though. I dont remember him getting majored at all last year. losses to McD 10-6 i think...something like 5-3 to Precin

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    I really think Stieber is the real deal. I have to go with an easy victory to Stieber maybe even a major decision. Big words seeing how Stieber has yet to wrestle in college!

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    Default Re: Stieber vs Zanetta

    Additionally, to see what Devin Carter has done so far this year, it leads me to believe that Stieber will be a machine right away, as Stieber was able to handle him in hs.

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