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Thread: Oklahoma @ Arizona State webcast Thursday

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    Haha. I thought the same thing about Ben Ashmore. It looked as if he had no care in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homerdindon View Post
    That cradle that was locked up on the right side of Bubba sure put a lot of pressure on his left shoulder, hence the injury timeout. LOL. Even though I'm an ASU alum it's hard to root for people like that. Honestly, he spends way too much energy rooting for other people, trying to get the crowd into it, etc. Obviously he is out of shape too, but that doesn't help.

    174 wasn't very exciting. I don't see how they didn't call Caldwell for stalling as he didn't return Starks for about 10 seconds from behind, but he would have won either way. 184 ASU had an early lead but couldn't pull it off. Not very surprised on that one, you perform how you practice.

    Robles is a beast. Couldn't be a nicer kid or more of a role model. Not many kids come along like him.

    I blinked and missed what happened w Edward's match. It looks like he thought he was getting choked or something. But he got up pretty quickly for being choked out, so who knows.
    I thought I saw Edwards tapping out. From the way it looked to me it seemed like his shoulder was getting cranked out of joint. Also could be now that my shoulder has been giving me trouble again, most wrestling moves look like a shoulder injury in process to me.

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    I didn't see the match but I'm SHOCKED to hear that Bubba ran out of gas.

    Like vaisforlovers, that's all I'll say on that...
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