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Thread: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

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    Default Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    By someone near and dear to our hearts.

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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    I might lose some support over this - but honestly, I’m sick and tired of the smokescreen and front.

    You haven't lost my support. The guy changed his TOS without warning and threatened to sue for not following the rules he just made up to put us in violation.

    Great site, some really good people work with them, but he is definitely a little too hostile towards many people trying to really help wrestling.

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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    Was that regarding linking to Flo videos Schlottke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    Was that regarding linking to Flo videos Schlottke?
    It was in regard to our use of their public RSS Feeds & a robot to find embeddable videos on all sports sites *(youtube, flowrestling, revver,, etc) and post the embed code in a thread. YouTube, Revver,, and others have no problem, he changed his TOS without warning and immediately threatened to sue. This case is just a very small example of what the NWCA has had to listen to from him, something that really had no importance until Jason decided to finally respond to him.
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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    Guy sounds like a real d-bag, I'm glad Twink pwned him.
    "Now class, I'd like for you to transition from downward dog....straight to FULL BRING!!!"

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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    I've been waiting for this for a while.

    I'm just a fan - never wrestled, never coached - never even "worked a table". The truth is - I love wrestling. I kinda know why but it's hard to explain to the uninitiated. I get feeling full of myself and think I know what's best for the sport - and will write about it. I have no expertise that goes beyond plunking my butt down in a lot of gyms and watching a lot of wrestling.

    Occassionally I try to make some small effort to "help the sport". One of the people in this conflict has helped me. The other has chosen not to.

    Thanks, Jason.

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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    Floreani must be smoking crack!!! I guarantee that Jason Bryant is respected more in the wrestling world then Floreani could ever hope to be.
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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    Although I admire Martin's energy, and I enjoy the videos he provides, his worst rants sadden me. At some point these things cease to be business or political issues, and they start looking like personal ones. I still hope that all of us can get back to supporting our sport more than jockeying for position, but I speak as someone for whom this is still a pastime and not a career.

    I'm glad that Jason was able to clear the air from his new position, but I think that many of us suspected as much already. Thanks, Jason.

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    Default Re: Martin Floreani Gets Owned

    I have no reason to fabricate any of this. It's not in my best interest. I just finally couldn't sit on my hands and be talked down to. I bust my ass for this sport and you cannot dispute that. Taking shots at people who put years into this sport and then saying we're not in it for "the sport" is irresponsible.

    Everytime I talk to Martin, I talk about the importance of being professional media. If he keeps this crap up, he'll be lucky to get any more credentials ANYWHERE. Then people will realize it's not the NCAA being greedy and holding back coverage, it's the fact they don't want to deal with a spoiled, whiny brat.

    I've done my best to stay away from making personal attacks on this -- again, it doesn't do me any good.

    But there's no reason for me to just make this up -- I've been very upfront with people about this, but the kicker is, the comment that sent him over the edge was TO BENEFIT Flo's coverage.

    I want them to follow the rules, like everyone else does. One of their people have been following the rules and they've been getting THE SAME access.

    I just got sick of taking shots from someone who, yes, provided a Web 2.0 resource for the wrestling community, but has been around for what, 20 minutes? I'm sorry, but this is clearly a "Who do you think you are" situation. You should see the list of people he's cursed out.

    Some of us have paid our dues and take our jobs and professions seriously. I'm not trying to be the bad guy here, but heaven help us if I can figure out how to put that voice mail into a WAV file.

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