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    Thanks Flowrestling for the dual coverage yesterday. Great job. There were some small technical difficulties with the system locking up but that can all be worked out. Flowrestling's work is leading to more publicity for the great sport of wrestling and allows fans across the USA to watch matches. This is reallly helping the sport and it's this type of "out of the box" thinking that will lead to wrestling be saved and grow at the collegiate level. I alsonoticed that the BTN is showing more duals this year. The sport is heading in the right direction. Keep up the great work. The next step would be for every wrestling organization and group to begin working together.

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    The video quality was the best I've seen at something like this. I hooked the computer up to my TV to watch, and it was a little blury but not bothersome at all. I was very pleased.

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    I didn't think about hooking it to the TV. I enjoyed it also. It was like a fall day here in South Florida. It has finally begun to cool off and wrestling is in the air.

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    Good weekend for all wrestling fans watching video on the web. I watched a Buffalo-Boston U. dual on Friday night live on LSV, then watched both feeds from the ISU-VT dual (Flo and TDR). Then on Sunday, we had the Flo dual from Stanford and the live webcast from the Greco-Roman finals at the NYAC International on

    As santos alluded to, with added video widely available (from a variety of outlets), wrestling fans can watch more than ever. LSV's uptime has significantly improved, while I have to insert a plug for USAW -- we did 20-something events live last year and we're adding more. They're college, high school and international.

    I'm working on developing a live webcast page to post (the only "paid" ones will be from BTN). This will include LSV, TDR, Flo, and USAW. If anyone knows of free wrestling webcasts, be sure to let me know.

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