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Thread: All Star Match Poll

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    Do you know how much more time and money I put into this sport than any other sport? That's BS for you to call me or anyone else fickle.

    I think you have horrible perspective given the fact that your JOB is wrestling related. Others can only dream. Your diatribes about what horrible fans wrestling has does nothing to help.

    To say that the all star is the only place to see high quailty top 20 match ups is also laughable. We will see that in many duals, CKLV Midlands, Scuffle, VA duals, Nat Duals and I could go on. So for us to be critical of an event that is a few notches below our elite tournaments finals(and sometimes quarters/semis) matches is well within our right.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Using the appropriate Intermat rankings from last year CKLV was:

    2 Angel Escobedo vs 3 Anthony Robles
    14 Boris Novachkov vs 10 Mike Grey
    1 Reece Humphrey vs 17 Fil Novachkov
    2 Kyle Ruschell vs 4 Lance Palmer
    3 JP O'Conner vs 6 Adam Hall
    3 Andrew Howe vs 8 Colt Sponseller
    1 Mack Lewnes vs 3 Stephen Dwyer
    7 Kirk Smith vs 9 John Dergo
    2 Craig Brester vs 7 Eric Lapotsky
    10 Nathan Everhart vs 7 Tucker Lane

    Average rank 5.9


    8 Matt McDonough vs 13 Andrew Long
    12 Tyler Graff vs 8 Steve Bell
    NR Jimmy Kennedy vs 10 Alex Krom
    1 Brent Metcalf vs 2 Kyle Ruschell
    5 Steve Fittery vs NR Jake Patacsil
    2 Andrew Howe vs 3 Jon Reader
    2 Jay Borschel vs 5 Ben Bennett
    6 John Dergo vs 2 Mike Cannon
    1 Jake Varner vs NR Wynn Michalak
    11 Jarrod Trice vs 5 Dave Zabriskie

    Average rank 5.3 (Kennedy, Patacsil and Michalak not included)

    Average rank (so far) for the All Star 3.6. I would guess Southern Scuffle falls in line with CKLV and Midlands and does not approach the All Star even in this "horrible" year.

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    On a side note, I will purchase this event and watch it. However, my point is that this doesnt appeal to a wide fan base. I've ordered some of the most worthless and least competitive duals(Iowa v. NW to name one) so I am far from a typical fan. For Christmas I ask for wrestling packages spending money. We can't expect everyone to be as nerdy as me if you want to grow the sport though.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    The event does seem to get a little worse every year and the group that run (NCWA?) has done an admirable job in trying to keep it relevant. It used to be after the NCAAs and then they moved it to midseason so it would be an afterthought, top wrestlers were reluctant to show up and it was changed so that the match was unofficial, then they moved it to the beginning of the season as a kickoff event. Recently they have tried to have it in at a venue were wrestling has been dropped or threatened.

    I think these have all been good changes. But the top wrestlers keep pulling out. I seem to remember not to long ago the majority of #1 v. #2 would show up and wrestle. Its prestige has definitely dropped, but it is still a cool event and woudl like to see it regain some of its former glory, but if the top wrestlers don't want to show there is little more can be done.

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    Default Re: All Star Match Poll

    I didn't say it was the ONLY place, I said it was one of two places.

    Points were made well enough about the Scuffle and Midlands.

    I wasn't going to get into a full diatribe, but when we don't see college wrestling attendance rising, despite the amount of coverage this sport has seen with increases from Flo, BTN, USAW, TDR ... am I really wrong when I wonder why fans don't attend more events.

    You won't see 10 matches with all wrestlers ranked in the top 10 in any dual meet this year or last year. Go through the rankings and find one. I'm trying to be an advocate and yes, I realize I rub people the wrong way sometimes when I see people complain about a great event.

    I speak generally when I talk about fickle fans. I can't fully understand how much each fan puts into it, so don't take it as a direct point to you specifically.

    I just really, really have a hard time why the All-Star Classic has been reviled by so many for so long. Every year, this discussion comes up.

    My diatribes are meant for a positive response to attend, basically to shut me up (by putting up) ... I guess I'll need to change up the mantra, because no matter how many events I attend on my own time, yes I work in the sport, so I'll attend more than most and get a perspective from more events than most. Apparently no one wants me to speak out on behalf of a great event? That's rhetorical, not a shot.

    I'm still at a loss as to why the All-Star Classic, every year, is viewed as a bad event from a fan perspective. I think one fan on the OSU boards posted this is the most 1 vs. 2 matchups since 2006? (I'd have to go back and validate).

    Now, it's not about wrestlers pulling out, it's about them turning down the invite or the coach turning down the invite.

    I'm not trying to get people from all over the country to attend the match, but I see little value in dogging the event. I might have a vested interest in it, since I've been involved with it off and on since 2005.

    And I'm all for healthy discussion ..

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    Criticizing something doesn't necessarily mean the event completely sucks and that you're not going to support it.

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    There are bigger wrestling events I'm looking forward to - but I won't miss the All Star Match. I haven't had my college wrestling fix for months... and as much as complaining is the great american passtime (particularly on message boards), I've got no complaints. Bring on #8 vs #19 or whatever. I'm ready to get it started!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Everyone is a 1xaa except Leblanc who is 2x.
    Almost right...

    LeBlanc's opponent is also a 2X AA. Kirk Smith placed as a true freshman in 2008 (8th) and then made the finals in 2010 (2nd).

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