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Thread: 2010 NWCA All Star Classic: Results/Discussion: Webcast Live

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    Barrett Abel rallies off his loss by fall on Friday to Tyler Chang (same kid who beat Jenkins) with a 6-1 win over Andrew Balch

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    Giesen wins on the under card for the second year in a row beating Ryan Smith by injury default after going up 8-3 in the match.

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    Zach Sanders v. Anthony Robles

    1st Period: Sanders working out of a 4 point stance early on, Robles in quickly on his single leg and he finishes for the TD...2-0 Robles. Sanders looking to gramby out, Robles down to the leg and works up the body, Sanders trying to peel hands. Robles finishes to the back with a navy and he gets two quick ones...Robles transitions to a cross wrist and gets a 5 count this time...5-0 Robles. Robles trying to bar up on the left side and he rolls through with it and he's getting more backs. 3 more to make the score 8-0 Robles. Looking to dive through again with his ball and chain and he has him strapped up again...11-0 Robles. Stopped for some reason, Robles taking an injury time. Back going now...Sanders to his feet looking to keep the wrists up. Sanders peeling hands but Robles takes him over again...gets 2 or 3 backs, doesn't really matter. 14-0 after the first period.

    2nd Period: Sanders takes both up. And he goes 2 for 1 quick to start the period off making the score 15-2. He's looking to go cement mixer again, Robles clamped onto a wrist pinning it to the mat now to slow Sanders down. Robles picks up a TD in Peterson position on the edge, and he gets his five count to end the match.

    3rd Period:

    Anthony Robles tech Zach Sanders 21-2

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    Jordan Oliver v. Andrew Hochstrasser

    1st Period: Had something typed off here but the server got goofy and I got bounced. Oliver ended the period up 4-2 with a TD off a little bump behind, and then another TD off an elbow pass.

    2nd Period: Oliver started down and picked up a nice reversal and then another TD to end the period up 8-4

    3rd Period: Hochstrasser starts down and he's away again without much resistance from JO...Hochstrasser working a front headlock from the feet but he's not really doing very much with it, just clamping it on and sitting there. Half shot by Hochstrasser but he's unable to get to the legs. Hochstrasser snaps to the mat now and he's trying to go behind. Oliver dumps him over to his hip. They're funking around and Hochstrasser comes up on top with the TD and trying to cross face over with a turk but just runs out of time.

    Jordan Oliver dec Andrew Hochstrasser 8-7
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    Zack Bailey v. Germane Lindsey

    1st Period: Starts off with a little bit of a slow pace here as both guys work out in space. Lindsey looks for a low ankle a couple of times. Second time Bailey tries to jump on with a front headlock but Lindsey slips back out. Shot reshot by both guys, Lindsey looked to slip behind but Bailey stayed square. Bailey looks for a single now but doesn't clear the ties and Lindsey blocks him off. Shot reshot by both guys again, neither guy really clearing the hands and penetrating yet. Bailey in on a nice single leg for a second but Lindsey keeps him away and goes shot reshot to end the period. Period ends scoreless.

    2nd Period: Bailey starts down...pops up quick but Lindsey returns him back down to the mat out of bounds. Bailey comes up again now and he's away for the escape...1-0 Bailey. Lindsey looks to get underneath for a single but Bailey skips away. Bailey in now and Lindsey gets his hips back. Lindsey goes shot reshot from the outside, Bailey catches in a front head. Period ends 1-0 Bailey.

    3rd Period: Lindsey starts down. Tripods up and he's able to run his hips away as Bailey looked to take him backwards down to the mat for the escape to tie the match up 1-1. Bailey in on a head inside single now, first really good shot of the match but Lindsey whizzers hard and kicks his foot down. Lindsey with a russian now. Lindsey takes a bad shot from the outside and Bailey able to spin around for the TD...3-1 Bailey. Lindsey with an escape with about 10 seconds left...but he's unable to get the TD.

    Zack Bailey dec Germane Lindsey 3-2
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    God a great match that was.... It was fun watching the one legged demon win.
    I shoot, I score. He shoots, I score
    -Dan Gable

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    Kevin LeValley v. Torsten Gillespie

    1st Period: Slow pace to start things off here. Gillespie looking to body fake from the outside while LeValley trying to secure his arm ties. LeValley gets his russian and nearly slings Gillespie off the platform before pulling up as the ref blew it dead. Gillespie in on a shot from the outside now, LeValley rubber kneeing the single leg. Stalemated. LeValley looks to go arm drag on the edge but Gillespie runs through it. Period ends scoreless.

    2nd Period: Gillespie starts down. LeValley riding well, and picks up three backs as he sucks Gillespie back when Gillespie sat for a little too long. Picks up another point as Gillespie gets hit for a second stall call. 4-0 LeValley. Period ends that score.

    3rd Period: LeValley starts down. And he's able to work away for the escape to lead 5-0 now. LeValley dives in on a single leg now, Gillespie sprawls out but its stalemated before he can work anything. Gillespie in quick on a single now from the outside, does a nice job getting the angle but LeValley rubber knees, whizzers and looks to spin behind and nearly does but Gillespie does a great job staying square and not giving up the TD. LeValley adds riding time.

    Kevin LeValley dec Torsten Gillespie 6-0
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    Adam Hall v. Bubba Jenkins

    1st Period: Bubba with a big early double leg TD, gets a big lift and return to finish it. Hall out and away quickly to make the score 2-1. Hall with an underhook in now on the right side as the two guys just lean on each other. Stalemated. Hall in now on a single leg, Bubba with a hard whizzer and he's attacking Hall's wrist, Hall kicks it down but Bubba able to bounce off the mat and get his hips back square to not give the TD up. Still 2-1 Jenkins. Bubba looks to super duck from the outside, Hall blocks it off and Bubba comes and hits his mixer to the back for four...6-1 Jenkins at the end of the period

    2nd Period: Hall starts down. Hall starting from his super scrunched up bottom position. Bubba out to the side right now riding pretty comfortably with a spiral, Hall works up to his feet and he's able to slip away for the escape...6-2 Jenkins. Jenkins clamps on a front headlock from the feet, now he drops underneath really quick for a quick single leg TD and release...8-3 Jenkins. Hall in on another single, has it up in the air but Bubba is able to kick his foot down again. Hall with a quick single leg attempt but Bubba anticipates it and he's able to scoot his hips away. Hall tries to throw by into a single leg now but Bubba stays square again with an underhook. Period ends 8-3 Jenkins

    3rd Period: Bubba starts down. Tripods up but Hall able to flatten him out. Cuts to make it 9-3 Jenkins. Hall with a bad shot from the outside and Bubba able to spin behind for a quick TD and release...11-4 Jenkins with a minute to go. Hall shoots from the outside again but doesn't really set it up. Bubba clamps on his front head to get a stalemate. :20 to go. Bubba with another super duck attempt. Hall tries to spin behind on the edge but they're out of bounds. Bubba adds riding time to make it a major.

    Bubba Jenkins maj Adam Hall 12-4
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    Bubba Wow! Looked great.

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