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Thread: Penn State Line Up

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    Default Penn State Line Up

    Unquestionably a nightmare for opponents at the lower half.

    125: Brad Pataky
    133: Jake Strayer
    141: Frank Molinaro
    149: Bubba Jenkins
    157: Dan Vallimont
    165: Mark Friend or Quentin Wright
    174: David Erwin or Quentin Wright
    184: Phil Bomberger
    197. Andrew Haile or Nathan Andrews
    HWT: John Laboranti or Stefan Tighe
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    Default Re: Penn State Line Up

    Wright is projected at 174 and should beat Erwin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gripsnhips View Post
    Wright is projected at 174 and should beat Erwin.
    Quentin wants to redshirt, and im pretty sure he will unless he gets to 65 without problem. He will probably wind up at 184 before its all said and done
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