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Thread: Iowa practice video

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    Default Iowa practice video

    From flowrestling. To me it just looks like a bunch of random wrestlers rolling around, but it's probably pretty cool if you follow the NCAA closely enough to identify the athletes.

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    I greatly enjoy the intensity of Metcalf vs Schwab.

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    I thought it was funny how they kept wrestling out of the room looked like almost to the hallway.
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    Ain't no quit in either of them boys.

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    that was some crazy stuff man!

    I wonder if brands ever gets in on those drills? He seems like he'd be a hands on kind of coach
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    That looks pretty standard for D1 Top 10 wrestling programs. That being said, that room is STILL looking hungry and its going to take an incredible effort and some luck to knock them off this year. I only see Ohio State, Missouri and Iowa State in that argument at this point in time but then again, I only saw Minnesota last year and we all see what happened there. Injuries and other teams ability to improve at a fast pace made some big differences last year. The new guys in Iowa's line-up last year performed at or above expectations and it seemed to lift the existing guys performances as well.
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    That was a great video to watch. Some of those guys need a room that is twice as big!

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    The lifting snob in me was kind of snearing watching watching the ass off the bench bounce it off your chest type benching, and the lack of ROM in some of the other exercises.

    But then I got so hyped watching Metcalf, Slaton, Morningstar, and Mark Ballweg run up and down the CHA steps 10 times with dumbells in their hands that I went out for an impromptu run myself.

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    Do the people they hire as "strength and conditioning" coaches actually have a real background in what they're doing? Or are they just glorified training partners who handle one aspect of practice...seemingly poorly. He should not allow that kind of form on bench. I have seen many kids get hurt. I also thought that most wrestling intellectuals revere that "old school" kind of lifting(Bench, curls) out dated. And didn't at the beginning of it didn't frayer say they were working the back and lower body, then they do curls and bench..what the heck..I'm not so sure about this hire, perhaps i shouldn't judge based on one video..but it makes me wonder.

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