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Thread: Hodge Predictions

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    Default Hodge Predictions

    Who do you think the front runners are for the Hodge this year, and who do you think will win?

    My short list: Mcd, Howe, Lewnes. If Lewnes wrestles the year he had last year plus one more win, I think he'll get it. I think the order of likelihood: Lewnes,Howe,Mcd

    Why some guys are excluded: DC-I think he'll wrestle abbreviated schedule.
    Dake-I dont think he'll win.
    Any 33's I think they'll beat up on each other and no big bonus getters other than Graff.
    41-too tough at Big 10 and no bonus getters.
    57-I think this weight cannibalizes itself as well unless Bubba comes out and just blows everyone away.
    I dont think Burroughs beats Howe.
    184s-If anyone whethers this meat grinder undefeated they will probably get the nod. However, I dont see that happening.
    197-not a tough enough weight and nobody from heavy will win either.
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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    You sum it up pretty well.

    I'd probably bump McDonough in front of Howe though, as good as Howe is he doesn't pin many people.

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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    Probably a good point.
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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    Burroughs won his title with two majors, a tech, a pin, and 5-1 finals over Poeta. He's back this year better than ever. Look for him to put up big numbers. If he beats Howe, and I think he will, then only Lewnes can hope to match his totals.

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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    Burroughs had two pins over the course of that season that he had.

    Unless he's the only guy left standing at the end of the year that isn't going to get it done for an award where number of pins is the #2 criteria.
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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by JAMMEN View Post
    . He's back this year better than ever.
    Based on what? We haven't seen him wrestle in a year. Have you?
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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    You think Kennedy & Russell cancel each other out? I think whoever comes out ahead in that battle might have an edge on the Hodge. Out of the other 3 you mentioned, that's all I would ad to the fray.

    Mcd- I wonder if he will be able to stay @ 25 all year & still maintain his effectiveness.
    33-Oliver's tough but I don't think he'll dominate
    49-I think DC will get hurt again. It's inevitable. Dake, maybe next year.
    57-it's possible BJ could have a break out year. DT was scoring machine in HS. I think this weight is a Lotto pick!
    65-I don't see anyone touching Howe, not even JB.
    74-Lewnes got beaten from behind by QW so that takes him down one a notch for me
    84-Looks like a tough weight with no one really dominating
    97 & HWt I would agree that there isn't a lot of real strong wrestlers in these classes, though I like Bradley.

    I think it's Howe's to lose @ this point. I think Kennedy could end up 2nd.

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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    KR-Mcd weighed out of a practice in september at 128. Care to rethink the weight managment stance w/ Mcd?

    No chance Kennedy or Russel get it, neither bonus enough, and you must remember that Mike Thorn(reigning champ) is also in their conference.
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    Default Re: Hodge Predictions

    I'd say Howe, and maybe McD. It's a long season. A lot depends on Burroughs, Robles, Precin, and Sanders.

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