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    Take a look at this story, regarding the situation at Fresno State following the dropping of their wrestling program in 2006. Good for wrestling fan to know what these colleges are doing in the name of gender equality. Here is part of the story...
    "As a wrestling website, our views may be biased (DISCLAIMER). Therefore, we had to address this issue as former wrestlers and current fans. As we all know, wrestling has been under constant attack for the past 30 years in the name of "Equality". This has recently been reinforced by the actions of Fresno State (California), Oregon University, and Arizona State. Only Arizona State Wrestling has been able to gain reinstatement with the help of many supporters. We would like to highlight the injustice at Fresno State University. To quote the school's website:
    "Given today's economic environment at the NCAA I-A level as well as the local dynamics, Fresno State Athletics clearly needed to evaluate all its sports programming, significantly reduce the annual operating budget and restructure the program to achieve much-needed efficiency. What was required was a reduction in sports programming." (2006)

    "Although some media outlets chose to report this issue in a different manner, it has been stated from the beginning that the decision to discontinue wrestling was not prompted nor driven by Title IX considerations."

    The school lays blame on financial hardship and denies any "equality" influence. The facts were hard to discern at the time (2006), but recent actions by the school tell the true story. This school year, Fresno State will be fielding a..."

    Full article found on blogspot website, google search "matdaddy news"
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    "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!?

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    Ya really its a cool story... I also like wrestling.... but i like only to watch not to wrestle....

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