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    Very good, you have invested mucho time and energy!

    BTW-You can add Ben Cherrington(take him off BSU) as Ass. Coach @ Northern Colorado.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eazee View Post
    I took it from the Wikipedia page for Muffintop (yes there is a page, very entertaining). It's one of my favorite words.
    Oh. I'd never heard that term before. I read it as something like: eat the muffin = get fat.

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    Nice job on your site. This coming from a former Northern Virginian (Reston) and a coach from many years ago (Wakefield). I'm so old I coached against the REAL T.C. Williams Titans from the movie "Remember The Titans". Go to the EIWA forum on Wrestling for more accurate line-ups from EIWA schools. Allen Brown has posted his projected line-ups. Go to page 2 of the current topic list and you'll find Allen's projections ( American, for example, no longer has Kriwinsky or Rueda on the team. Muzzafar (Muz) is also a volunteer assistant.

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