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Discuss A Note From Dan Hicks, Cal State Fullerton at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; To our fans, friends, donor, parents and wrestling folks from across the country, I am ...
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    Default A Note From Dan Hicks, Cal State Fullerton

    To our fans, friends, donor, parents and wrestling folks from across the country,

    I am sure that many of you have heard the news that Athletic Director Brian Quinn announced the termination of the wrestling program at the end of this school year.

    Basically they chose to disregard our Lasting Impact Pledge drive ($70,000) which would have been enough to cover the 10-11 season expenses of $196,145. Year one of the pledge drive had a ? fulfillment rate. $20,000 is in contracted pledge agreements.
    Never the less, these were not considered as having met the August 1st goal of cash in the bank.

    The bar was also raised higher by informing us in late May, that the next goal would be two years ahead by March 1st, 2011 ($400,000) in cash. Our Pledge Drive would not be counted, nor any other event or camps after March 1st. Basically the administration has made it clear they want cash up front for the continuation of the wrestling program.

    As we have done before, we will continue to find ways to overcome the obstacles and save Cal State Fullerton Wrestling. We can continue to fund the Lasting Impact Pledge drive, develop other fund raising events, explore opportunities for a Fight for Wrestling Night, like Cal Poly and Cal Bakersfield, and look for donors who have the means to help us reach the goal of $400,000 by March 1st to secure the 11-12 & 12-13 season.

    Our 10-11 recruiting class is very, very good. We have had interest from all of the country in coming to California to wrestle.

    We have found an exception in the residency policy allowing out-of state wrestlers into cal State Fullerton,l as residents, because we are a Regional Olympic Training site for USA wrestling. This provides a great opportunity for wrestlers from states that do not have college wrestling to come to CSUF to continue their wrestling careers.

    We have potential to develop into a premier college program. We can be the place that turns around this trend of cutting D-1 wrestling. We must survive for the 27,000 plus high school wrestlers in California who want a chance to wrestle in college.
    There are too many states with no college opportunities. We must find a way now.

    Please spread the word to everyone who loves this sport to get involved.

    Continue to donate to the program. Continue to pass on to others the dream and ask them to donate.

    $400,000 is doable. We raised $300,000 for last year and this year so far. Help us find a way to buy two more years and then we can focus on an endowment.

    Donate at:

    Donate Online at

    I sincerely thank all of you who have supported us in the past and for the many people I have met across the country that love this sport and what it does for our young people. It is a battle worth fighting .

    Dan Hicks
    Head Wrestling Coach
    Cal State Fullerton
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    Default Re: A Note From Dan Hicks, Cal State Fullerton

    Fullerton gets a reprieve, donate people:

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