From the California Wrestling Forum

August 17, 2010
To: Wrestling Student-Athletes
From: Brian Quinn, Director of Athletics
Re: Wrestling Program

I regret to inform you that, upon the completion of the 2010-11 season the wrestling program will be
discontinued. The action is taken as a cost-reduction measure and part of an overall strategic plan
to stabilize the budget. The State budget crisis has had a very large impact on our campus, as well as
within the entire CSU system. We have had serious reductions in our budget and have had to increase
our revenues substantially to remain competitive.

Cal State Fullerton is fully committed to success within the Big West Conference and to provide the best
student-athlete experience possible. As a committed member we must adhere to strict requirements
for sports offered and minimum scholarship requirements. With the economic climate we are stretched
to meet these minimum standards and must find ways to remain competitive and fiscally responsible.
Many institutions have had to eliminate sports programs. In the West alone, the University of Oregon,
Portland State University, and UC Davis have all recently dropped wrestling. Cal State Fullerton, rather
than discontinuing the program immediately as most schools have done nationally, made a decision to
try and continue the program through external funding. We were able to do this for two years, keeping
student-athletes on scholarship and paying the salaries and benefits of the coaches. Unfortunately we
were not able to meet our goal this year.

I want to thank Coach Hicks and Coach Marttinen for their tireless efforts and passion for their program
and to each of the student-athletes. They did whatever they could to raise sufficient funds to keep the
program going.

The University can no longer subsidize any shortfalls and must continue to find viable solutions to
remaining competitive in the Big West Conference, graduating our student-athletes and balancing our

We are granting an immediate blanket transfer to any other institution. Any questions or concerns
about transferring should be addressed to Julie Bowse, Associate Athletics Director, or Ike Ukaegbu
in the Compliance Office. All wrestling student-athletes who were on athletic scholarships prior to
2010-11 will have their grants continued until their eligibility ends, if they choose to remain at Cal State
Fullerton. All incoming wrestling student-athletes on athletic scholarships will receive their grant for
the 2010-11 year if they choose to remain. The most important thing is our commitment to help you
complete your degree. You will still have full access to the Student-Athlete Academic Services if you
choose to remain at Cal State Fullerton.