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I agree. One suggestion I would make, from a viewer standpoint, is to have the events separated on two different weekends rather than all four going off simultaneously. Say, for example, you have the East and West regional tournaments go one weekend and the North and South the following weekend.

This would make following the events less hectic as a fan and easier from a reporting perspective. You'd also then have three weeks of great wrestling rather than just two which would keep the fans focused on wrestling during an entire month rather than just one week as it is now.

Imagine Jan 8-9 featuring the East and West regions where #1 Cornell and #4 Iowa State are the respective #1 seeds competing that weekend and the following weekend (15th, 16th) in the North and South region #2 Iowa and #3 Ok. St. are the #1 seeds. Then you take a week off to heal and prepare the week of the 22nd-23rd giving fans time to build anticipation and the final four goes off the last week in January.
Wouldn't that give an advantage to the teams that wrestled the first weekend, if their banged-up wrestlers have an extra week to heal? Why couldn't you have two regional championships on Saturday and two on Sunday of the same weekend? It would still spread out the coverage a bit, but not favor any teams in particular.