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Thread: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

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    Default SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    Note: these numbers differ from the official tournament-strength team rankings. They can be found at

    1. Boise State, 89
    2. Cornell, 87
    3. Oklahoma State, 66
    4. Minnesota, 58.5
    5. Wisconsin, 56.5
    6. Penn State, 46
    7. Central Michigan, 45.5
    8. Iowa, 45
    9. Oklahoma, 44.5
    10t. Illinois, 32.5
    10t. Michigan, 32.5
    12. Missouri, 31.5
    13t. Arizona State, 31
    13t. Nebraska, 31
    15. American, 27.5
    16t. Kent State, 27
    16t. Lehigh, 27
    18. Northwestern, 26.5
    19t. Pittsburgh, 26
    19t. Virginia, 26
    21. Rutgers, 25.5
    22. Purdue, 25
    23. Cal Poly, 24
    24. Iowa State, 23
    25. Wyoming, 22.5

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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    Thanks for posting, good read.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    Indeed...thanks as always for the calculations SHP

    125: So is it closer to being confirmed that Fio (aka Lord Voldemort) will be in the line up for Boise this year? That'll be a big break for the Broncos if that turns out to be the case.

    133: Ranking "Clark/Moore" over Martinez, Sentes, Peterkin, and Kubec at the bare minimum seems a little ridiculous to me.

    141: Looks about right

    149: Albert White at #7 kind of stuck out, but given that they haven't moved JO up and the fact that this weight class is going to be big time cleared out I guess I can see it just from the ranking perspective.

    157: Looks pretty good.

    165: Looks good. They've moved Beets down from 174.

    174: Moved Jon Reader up here, Amuchastegui is up as well.

    184: Perry and Gambrall in the 8 and 9 spots respectively

    197: Don't see why Biondo is ranked above Yohn when Yohn AA'd last year and he didn't. Haynes is up here. Lofthouse is ranked at the 9 spot.

    285: Nothing really jumps out, Gelogaev is in the 12 spot.

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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    Wow, I was typing stuff all the way to 174 and it just refreshed automatically and I lost everything I typed..

    I'll have to get pretty bored to type that again..
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    I hope it included a compliment for my "He who must not be named" reference at 125.

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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    125-Looks about right. Voldemort has been drilling Avada Kedavras for a year and a half and I'd put him top 5 probably.

    133- Don't understand hutter ranked so high. Some good wins but I think Rollie and Paddock arent ranked high enough. Also, at 133, you'd have to be crazy to not put Clark/Moore ahead of those guys. I mean one on one those would be good matches, but 2 against 1 at this level is nearly insurmountable.

    141- I really dont see Bailey as a title threat here but I suppose he earned the ranking so whatever. Ballweg ranked 27th, don't think that means anything really though.

    149-Disagree w/ White being ranked 7th, but whatever. Mason not ranked high enough either. Those rankers need to watch his demolition of Brian Stephens at Midlands and they'll feel dumb. There are quite a few young guns that I think will storm onto the scene and take out the White/Nadhir/Chezas of the world.

    157-Id put Bubba over Hall but ok. Strange that Cocozzo an ex R12'er is 16th behind Jake Kerr, Yates, etc?

    More to come...later, i did get bored while my wife was getting ready...that didnt take long.
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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    Boise state, wow...

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    Default Re: SHP's tournament points based on rankings

    165-This is probably the most poorly ranked weight in my opinion. I really think Mike Miller should have to prove himself a bit at a completely new weight class before he's given such a high ranking. Especially since he didnt even r12 last year. Although I'm looking at the list and I'm not seeing many other returning AA's, so who knows where he really belongs. Also, what does Jarion Beets have to do to get a little love? Ranked Behind Meade, and Asper. I'll be the first to say that his aa finish was a bit flukish but still he should get a little love in the rankings going down a weight, especially given the fact that they gave Mike Miller the benefit of the doubt.

    174-First I had heard about Amuchastegui going up to 74. I think he should be ranked ahead of Giffin and Bennett personally. Other than that looks alright

    184-Looks really good actually, Perry is the highest ranked freshmen out the gate at 8th. Although I thought Ward was supposedly going 197? Thatd seem like a good career move to me.

    197-Lofthouse at 9 jumped out at me, but this is a pretty weak weight imo. Losing Varner, Brester and Taylor will do that...

    285-You won't find anyone more critical than me of Alan Gelogaev but the guy is a returning aa and he's ranked 12th? Behind 5 or so guys who haven't aad. It's a new weight and they're big boys, but he deserves to be top 8 anyways.

    Team scores:Boise aint winnin.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default The Wrestling Reports New Rankings.

    <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top><CENTER>

    The Wrestling Reports new rankings came out this week.</PRE>

    Team Rankings</PRE>
    (NCAA tournament scoring)</CENTER>
    1) Cornell Big Red - 94 pts2) Boise State Broncos - 88 pts3) Oklahoma State Cowboys - 75 pts4) Minnesota Golden Gophers - 66 pts5) Wisconsin Badgers - 62 pts6) Iowa Hawkeyes - 58 pts7) Penn State Nittany Lions - 57 pts8) Central Michigan Chippewas - 51 pts9) Oklahoma Sooners - 50 pts10) Illinois Fighting Illini - 42 pts11) Michigan Wolverines - 41 pts12) Missouri Tigers - 40 pts13) Arizona State Sun Devils - 39 pts14) Northwestern Wildcats - 38 pts15) Ohio State Buckeyes - 37 pts16) Nebraska Cornhuskers - 36 pts17) Kent State Golden Flashes - 35 pts18) American Eagles - 34 pts19) Lehigh Mountain Hawks - 33 pts20) Purdue Boilermakers - 32 pts21) Iowa State Cyclones - 31 pts22) Pittsburgh Panthers - 30 pts23) Rutgers Scarlet Knights - 29 pts24) Cal-Poly Mustangs - 28 pts25) Virginia Cavaliers - 27 pts26) Wyoming Cowboys - 26 pts27) Indiana Hoosiers - 25 pts28) Virginia Tech Hokies - 24 pts29) Edinboro Fighting Scots - 23 pts30) Oregon State Beavers - 22 pts</PRE>

    125: (No True Freshman)1) Matt McDonough-Iowa-So2) Brandon Precin-Northwestern-Sr3) Anthony Robles-Arizona State-Sr4) Zach Sanders-Minnesota-Jr5) Nic Bedelyon-Kent State-Jr6) Joey Fio-Boise State-Jr7) Ben Kjar-Utah Valley-Sr8) Brad Pataky-Penn State-Sr9) Cashe Quiroga-Purdue-So (potential redshirt)10) Jarrod Garnett-Virginia Tech-Jr 11) James Nicholson-Old Dominion-Sr12) Frank Perrelli-Cornell-Jr13) Jarrod Patterson-Oklahoma-So14) Jason Lara-Oregon State-Jr15) Anthony Zanetta-Pittsburgh-So16) Ryan Mango-Stanford-So17) Fred Santaite-Boston-Jr18) Derek Reber-Bucknell-So19) Steve Bonanno-Hofstra-So20) Langel/Dellafave-Rutgers-So/Fr21) Andre Gonzalez-Cal-Fullerton-Sr22) Jon Morrison-Oklahoma State-Fr23) Frank Lomas-Cal-Bakersfield-Jr24) Shane Young-West Virginia-So25) Eric Morrill-Edinboro-Sr26) Matt Snyder-Virginia-So27) Steven Keith-Harvard-So28) Aaron Kalil-Navy-Jr29) Sam White-Illinois-Fr30) David Klingsheim-Nebraska-So31) Patrick Hunter-Wisconsin-So32) Kyle Gilchrist-Columbia-Jr33) Gabe Ramos-Ohio-SoNOTES:Nikko Triggas-Ohio State - expected redshirt</PRE>
    133: (No True Freshman)1) Andrew Hochstrasser-Boise State-Sr2) Jordan Oliver-Oklahoma State-So3) Tyler Graff-Wisconsin-So4) Boris Novachkov-Cal-Poly-Jr5) Mike Grey-Cornell-Sr6) Lou Ruggirello-Hofstra-Sr7) Kyle Hutter-Old Dominion-Sr8) Clark/Moore-Iowa-Jr/So9) Mike Martinez-Wyoming-Jr10) Scotti Sentes-Central Michigan-Jr11) Rollie Peterkin-Penn-Sr12) Kelly Kubec-Oregon State-Jr13) Kevin Smith-Buffalo-Jr14) Colin Johnston-West Virginia-Jr15) White/Ashnault-Rutgers-So/Sr16) Ian Paddock-Ohio State-So17) Ben Ashmore-Arizona State-Sr18) David Thorn-Minnesota-Fr19) Flint Ray-Utah Valley-Sr20) B.J. Futrell-Illinois-So21) Nate McCormick-Missouri-So22) Mike Rappo-North Carolina-Sr23) Napier/Kiley-Nebraska-So/So24) Garrett Frey-Princeton-So25) John Trumbetti-Lock Haven-Jr26) Zac Stevens-Michigan-Jr27) Akif Eren-Purdue-Sr28) Justin Paulsen-Stanford-Sr29) Jim Kirchner-Rider-Jr30) Darrius Little-North Carolina State-Jr31) Quentin Keyes-Ohio-Sr32) Keller/Eckstrom-Oklahoma-So/So33) Alex Radsky-Davidson-SrNOTES:Kendric Maple-Oklahoma - expected redshirt</PRE>
    141: (No True Freshman)1) Zack Bailey-Oklahoma-Sr2) Jimmy Kennedy-Illinois-Sr3) Kellen Russell-Michigan-Jr4) Tyler Nauman-Pittsburgh-Jr5) Germane Lindsey-Ohio-Sr6) Mike Thorn-Minnesota-Sr7) Filip Novachkov-Cal-Poly-Sr8) Chris Diaz-Virginia Tech-Sr9) Jamal Parks-Oklahoma State-Jr10) Levi Jones-Boise State-Sr11) Nick Nelson-Virginia-Jr12) Michael Mangrum-Oregon State-So13) Juan Archuleta-Purdue-Jr14) Todd Schavrien-Missouri-Sr15) Cody Cleveland-Chattanooga-Sr16) Adin Duenas-Cal-Fullerton-Sr17) Elijah Nacita-Cal-Bakersfield-Sr18) Chris Drouin-Iowa State-Sr19) Collin Palmer-Ohio State-Fr20) Cole VonOhlen-Air Force-So21) Anwar Goeres-Binghamton-Sr22) Matt Mariacher-American-Jr23) Zack Kemmerer-Penn-Jr24) Greenwald/Melde-Rutgers-Sr/Jr25) Frank Hickman-Bloomsburg-So26) Mike Koehnlein-Nebraska-Sr27) Mark Ballweg-Iowa-So28) Alec Hoffman-Northern Iowa-So29) Adam Lynch-Penn State-Sr30) Smith/Ford-Wyoming-Jr/Jr31) John Regan-Bucknell-Jr32) Luke Ashmore-Arizona State-Jr33) Casey Thome-Army-Sr</PRE>
    149: (No True Freshman)1) Darrion Caldwell-North Carolina State-Sr (or 157)2) Kyle Dake-Cornell-So3) Frank Molinaro-Penn State-Jr4) Kevin LeValley-Bucknell-Sr5) Jason Chamberlain-Boise State-Jr6) Torsten Gillespie-Edinboro-Sr7) Albert White-Oklahoma State-Jr8) Andrew Nadhir-Northwestern-Sr9) David Cheza-Michigan State-Jr10) Brian Stephens-Virginia Tech-So11) Nick Stabile-North Carolina-Sr12) Donnie Vinson-Binghamton-So13) Mario Mason-Rutgers-So14) Justin Accordino-Hofstra-Jr15) Corey Jantzen-Harvard-Jr16) Eric Grajales-Michigan-Fr17) Cole Schmitt-Wisconsin-So18) Dylan Carew-Iowa-Fr19) Scott Clymer-Liberty-Jr20) Ganbayar Sanjaa-American-Jr21) R J Pena-Oregon State-So22) Sean Nemec-Ohio State-Jr23) Josh Roosa-Bloomsburg-So24) Vernon/N. Lester-Oklahoma-Jr/Fr25) Danny Zilverberg-Minnesota-Fr26) Vince Castillo-Northern Illinois-Sr27) Ivan Lopouchanski-NC-Greensboro-So28) Bradley/Hucke-Missouri-Fr/So29) Steve Santos-Columbia-So30) Joey Napoli-Lehigh-So31) Eric Terrazas-Illinois-Jr32) Nick Fisher-Cal-Poly-So33) Dean Pavlou-Chattanooga-So</PRE>
    157: (No True Freshman)1) Adam Hall-Boise State-Sr2) Steve Fittery-American-Sr3) Bubba Jenkins-Arizona State-Sr4) Colt Sponseller-Ohio State-Sr5) Justin Lister-Binghamton-Jr6) Justin Gaethje-Northern Colorado-Sr7) Bryce Saddoris-Navy-Sr8) Kurt Kinser-Indiana-Sr (or 149)9) Jason Welch-Northwestern-So10) David Taylor-Penn State-Fr11) Neil Erisman-Oklahoma State-Sr12) Jake Deitchler-Minnesota-Fr13) Pete Yates-Virginia Tech-So14) Desmond Green-Buffalo-Jr15) Colton Salazar-Purdue-Sr16) Jake Kerr-Iowa-Sr17) Barrett Abel-Cal-Poly-Sr18) Darryl Cocozzo-Rutgers-Sr19) Trent Weatherman-Iowa State-Fr20) Anthony Jones-Michigan State-Sr21) Joe Booth-Drexel-So22) James Fleming-Clarion-So23) Kyle John-Maryland-Jr24) Gonsor/Wright-Missouri-Jr/Jr25) Shawn Harris-Virginia-Jr26) Bryan Deutsch-Northern Illinois-Sr27) Bobby Ward-North Carolina State-Jr (or 149)28) Lucas Espericueta-Stanford-Sr29) Eric Cubberly-Central Michigan-Jr30) Matt Lester-Oklahoma-Fr31) Kyle Kiss-North Carolina-Jr32) John Nicholson-Old Dominion-So33) Shawn Perry-Wisconsin-FrNOTES:Jesse Dong-Virginia Tech - expected redshirt</PRE>
    165: (No True Freshman)1) Andrew Howe-Wisconsin-Jr2) Jordan Burroughs-Nebraska-Sr 3) Mike Miller-Central Michigan-Sr4) Tyler Caldwell-Oklahoma-So5) Alex Meade-Oklahoma State-So6) Paul Young-Indiana-Sr (or 157)7) Jarion Beets-Northern Iowa-Sr8) Josh Asper-Maryland-So9) Justin Kerber-Cornell-Sr10) Scott Winston-Rutgers-So11) Derek St John-Iowa-Fr12) Brandon Hatchett-Lehigh-Jr13) Cody Yohn-Minnesota-So14) Shane Onufer-Wyoming-Jr15) PJ Gillespie-Hofstra-Jr16) Zach Toal-Missouri-Fr17) Matt Epperly-Virginia Tech-Sr18) Thomas Scotton-North Carolina-Sr19) Sorenson/Spangler-Iowa State-Jr/So20) Conrad Polz-Illinois-So21) Donnie Jones-West Virginia-Sr22) Jedd Moore-Virginia-So23) K. Swartz/Cuthbertson-Boise State-Sr/So24) John-Martin Cannon-Buffalo-Jr25) Te Edwards-Arizona State-Jr (potential redshirt)26) Ross Tice-Kent State-Jr27) Tony Jameson-Ohio State-So28) Jake Kemerer-Penn State-Fr29) Eren Civan-Columbia-Jr30) Gabe Burak-Penn-Sr31) Yates/Hynes-Michigan-Fr/Sr32) Bezkod Abdurakhmonov-Clarion-Jr33) Matt Kaylor-Binghamton-Jr</PRE>
    174: (No True Freshman)1) Mack Lewnes-Cornell-Sr2) Chris Henrich-Virginia-Sr3) Jon Reader-Iowa State-Sr4) Jordan Blanton-Illinois-Jr5) Ben Bennett-Central Michigan-So6) Scott Giffin-Penn-Sr7) Nick Amuchastegui-Stanford-Jr8) Colby Covington-Oregon State-Sr9) Mike Letts-Maryland-Sr10) Scott Glasser-Minnesota-Sr11) Mike Benefiel-Oklahoma State-Jr12) Luke Manuel-Purdue-Sr13) Bagana Tovuujav-George Mason-Jr14) Jeff James-Oklahoma-Sr15) Dorian Henderson-Missouri-Jr16) Ethen Lofthouse-Iowa-So17) Ryan Patrovich-Hofstra-Sr18) Ethan Headlee-Pittsburgh-Jr19) Alex Caruso-Rutgers-Sr20) Justin Zeerip-Michigan-Jr21) Ed Ruth-Penn State-Fr22) Ben Jordan-Wisconsin-So23) Nate Graham-Bloomsburg-Sr24) Austin Meys-Lehigh-Fr25) Brad Darrington-Utah Valley-Sr26) Byron Sigmon-NC-Greensboro-Sr27) Ryan DesRoches-Cal-Poly-Jr28) Gutches/J. Swartz-Boise State-Fr/Fr29) Ryan LeBlanc-Indiana-Fr (or 165)30) Curran Jacobs-Michigan State-Jr31) Keith Witt-Kent State-So32) Rob Morrison-Rider-Sr33) Brock Smith-Wyoming-Jr</PRE>
    184: (No True Freshman)1) Kirk Smith-Boise State-Sr2) Joe LeBlanc-Wyoming-Jr3) Quentin Wright-Penn State-So4) Dustin Kilgore-Kent State-Jr5) Steve Bosak-Cornell-Jr6) Chris Honeycutt-Edinboro-Jr7) AJ Kissel-Purdue-Jr8) Chris Perry-Oklahoma State-Fr9) Grant Gambrall-Iowa-So10) Josh Ihnen-Nebraska-So11) Jerome Ward-Iowa State-So12) Zac Thomusseit-Pittsburgh-Jr13) Luke Rebertus-Navy-Jr (or 197)14) Austin Trotman-Appalachian State-Jr15) Andrew Saunders-NC-Greensboro-Sr16) Tommy Spellman-Virginia Tech-Sr17) Jimmy Hamel-Buffalo-Sr18) Travis Rutt-Wisconsin-Jr19) Nick Purdue-Ohio-Jr20) Robert Hamlin-Lehigh-So21) Erich Schmidtke-Oklahoma-So22) Nate Schiedel-Binghamton-So23) Eric Cameron-Indiana-Sr24) Jason McCroskey-Chattanooga-Jr25) Ben Clymer-Hofstra-Jr26) Dan Rinaldi-Rutgers-So27) Arand/Vinson-Oregon State-Sr/So28) Corey Peltier-Maryland-Jr29) Ian Hinton-Michigan State-Jr30) Joe Budi-Old Dominion-Jr31) Tony Dallago-Illinois-Fr32) Pete Capone-Ohio State-Fr33) Kevin Steinhaus-Minnesota-Fr</PRE>
    197: (No True Freshman)1) Cam Simaz-Cornell-Jr2) Trevor Brandvold-Wisconsin-Sr3) Anthony Biondo-Michigan-Sr4) Sonny Yohn-Minnesota-Jr5) Clayton Foster-Oklahoma State-Jr6) Cayle Byers-George Mason-Jr7) Brent Haynes-Missouri-So8) Logan Brown-Purdue-Sr9) Luke Lofthouse-Iowa-Sr10) Matt Wilps-Pittsburgh-Jr11) Powless/Fagiano-Indiana-Jr/Jr12) Michael Salopek-Virginia-So13) Cody Magrum-Ohio State-So14) Micah Burak-Penn-So15) Zack Giesen-Stanford-Sr16) Eric Schuth-Ohio-Sr17) Riley Orozco-Cal-Bakersfield-Sr18) Danny Mitchell-American-So19) Joe Kennedy-Lehigh-Jr20) DJ Bruce-Virginia Tech-Jr21) Matt Casperson-Boise State-Sr22) Alex Thomas-Clarion-So23) Tyler Smith-Rider-Jr24) Chad Hanke-Oregon State-Jr25) Ryan Smith-Cal-Poly-Jr26) Hernandez/Helbig-Wyoming-Jr/So27) Shawn Fendone-Edinboro-Sr28) Kyle Simonson-Iowa State-Jr29) Dylan Temple-Appalachian State-Sr30) Kyle Rooney-West Virginia-Sr31) Kyle Bergstedt-Cal-Fullerton-Jr32) Jay Hahn-Bucknell-Sr33) Andrew Buck-Navy-So (or 184)</PRE>
    285: (No True Freshman)1) Zack Rey-Lehigh-Jr2) Jared Trice-Central Michigan-Jr3) Dom Bradley-Missouri-Jr4) D.J. Russo-Rutgers-Sr5) Ben Berhow-Minnesota-Sr6) Tucker Lane-Nebraska-Jr7) Ryan Flores-American-Jr8) Cameron Wade-Penn State-Jr9) Nathan Fernandez-Oklahoma-Sr10) Ryan Tomei-Pittsburgh-Sr11) Brandon Williamson-West Virginia-Sr12) Alan Gelogaev-Oklahoma State-Jr13) Brendan Barlow-Kent State-Jr14) Clayton Jack-Oregon State-Jr15) Eric Thompson-Iowa State-So16) Rasing/Johnson-Iowa-Jr/Jr17) David Marone-Virginia Tech-Jr18) Ziad Haddad-North Carolina-So19) Ricardo Alcala-Indiana-Sr20) Tyrell Fortune-Ohio State-So21) Kurt Klimek-Cal-Fullerton-Sr22) Eric Bugenhagen-Wisconsin-Sr23) Kyle Frey-Drexel-Sr24) Atticus Disney-Cal-Poly-So25) Jack Danilkowicz-Virginia-Sr26) David Wade-Eastern Michigan-Sr27) Christian Brantley-Northern Iowa-Jr28) Odie Delaney-The Citadel-Jr29) Johnson/Hartshorn-Ohio-Fr/Jr30) Josh Wine-Virginia Military-Sr (fall football)31) Eloheim Palma-North Carolina State-So32) David Morgan-Cal-Bakersfield-Sr33) Ben Apland-Michigan-So</PRE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></P>

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