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Thread: Favorite Wrestler to Watch Wrestle

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    ive only seen the past few years but i think my favorite to watch was herbert. he was always wrestling for 7 minutes and was just a powerhouse

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    Kerry McCoy...PSU Heavyweight. Wrestled 190 as a Freshman (19-17, I believe). Undefeated as Sophomore Heavyweight, took 3rd as a Junior at NCAA's, then won again, going undefeated in his 4th year of eligibility. Almost always much smaller than his opponent, he was the quickest HWT I've ever seen.

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    Without a doubt...... Hands down..... most exciting, fun to watch wrestler I ever had the pleasure of seeing....RICK SANDERS

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    John Smith hands down the most exciting wrestler to watch

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    From the limited folkstyle I've seen, Burroughs and Robles for current wrestlers.

    In freestyle: Stadnik, Shahin, Hasaynov, Chamasurlaev, Terziev, Kudukhov, Gogchelidze, Aldatov, Herbert.

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    Favorite Hawkeyes (no order): Randy Lewis, Mark Perry, Brent Metcalf, Brands Squared, Lincoln McIlravy, Mark Ironside, Jesse Whitmer, Jay Borschel

    Favorite Recent Non-Hawkeyes: Jayson Ness, Ben Askren, Mike Chandler, Darrion Caldwell, Lance Palmer, Troy Nickerson, Eric Tannenbaum, Franklin Gomez, Nick Simmons, Anthony Robles, Max Askren, Chase Pami.
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    Alan Fried; technical, huge motor, incredible pinner and point scorer. My personal all time favorite.
    Cary Kolat; very technical with a bit of a mean streak
    Tom Brands; intensity like I've never seen before or since
    Brent Metcalf; a throwback to the constant motion and pressure of the 80's and 90's
    Kevin Randleman; by far the quickest and strongest athlete and wrestler I've ever seen
    John Smith; much more suited to freestyle, but still was a man among boys on his feet
    Cael Sanderson; what can you say, it was pure domination in every aspect in every match
    John Trenge; possibly the best upper weight to never win a single title, incredible range of technique for a big guy
    Johnny Hendricks; big motor, underrated technique
    Tommy Rowlands; actually made hwt fun to watch
    Adam DiSabato; a pure takedown machine, always working and seemingly always shooting
    Ben Askren; he is the funk master, no one else has ever done it better

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    Most pleasing that I ever saw wrestle in person (which limits the choices) was Wade Schalles.
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    TJ Hill-He'd be a household name if he wrestled 4 years in college instead of just one.

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