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Thread: Ben Ashmore is at ASU

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    Default Ben Ashmore is at ASU

    Where have I been that I didnt know that. Is he eligable this year or will he have to sit out. More importantly what weight will he wrestle at?

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    I am not sure how it works entirely but I thought if he got his release and he switched conferences that he could start immediately. That being said, if Robles is there, why would you think he could beat Robles?

    I didn't think he was particularly strong at 125 last year so not sure 133 will treat him any better. I guess his brother is up to 141 so he certainly has the spurt in him to get there. I wish him luck either way.
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    Default Re: Ben Ashmore is at ASU

    Yea where have you been?
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    Default Re: Ben Ashmore is at ASU

    Who does ASU have at 133?

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    Default Re: Ben Ashmore is at ASU

    I imagine Ashmore will bump up, I don't really think they have anyone tough at that weight before he transferred.
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