We come closer to the beginning of what looks to be a very exciting season indeed. We'll take a closer look as we return to the Brute Adidas studios of Takedown Wrestling Radio this Saturday from 9 AM to 11 AM CST. Join Scott Casber, Chris Arns, Steve Foster and Randy Crimmins for 2 fun filled informative hours.
Can't catch it live? No worries, TDR is now pod casting it's shows and have always offered archives for you rabid fans who, like me, can't get enough of this good thing.

Note- I spoke with Cornell wrestler Adam Frey, he's in the hospital and doing fine sometimes and sometimes not so fine. You might want to reach out to him as our family does and send him a note of encouragement. Funny how things like that help. He's a good guy and plans to join me mic side for the broadcast of the Bodybar Tournament November 22nd in Ithica, NY.

Our Guests this week, and its a packed show, include-

Guy Sako- Defense Soap Founder. Its better to be prepared when dealing with skin issues. Plan to succeed and defeat the problem before it becomes one. Tune in and find out how.

Troy Sunderland- Head Coach at Penn State. Something is going on in the Lion's Den. It may be the staff, the athletes, the facilities, the booster club, the fans or all of the above. This promises to be a fantastic interview with a coach who has put in the time and effort and a program that has put itself out there.

Cael Sanderson- Head Coach of the Cyclones of Iowa State- Cael has made some changes but enters the fall as the number 2 team in all of the country. # 2 right behind The Iowa Hawkeyes. The Cyclones must face the Hawkeyes at Iowa City this year. It will be a battle for the ages. It will be a season of challenges for sure, lets hear how Coach Sanderson plans to rally his troops.

Jim Martin- PSU Champ back in the day. Lets take a look back in the books and see who was his nemesis, the Achilles heal and what drove him to greatness. Pushed by PSU mentor and champ Carl DeStephanis, Martin climbed many mountains achieving 155 Career victories along the way. He also became a Midlands Champ twice, an NCAA Champ in 1988, EWL Champ, part of the 88' Lions team that traveled to and defeated the Hawkeyes at Iowa City. Jim has the honor of being the Lions 2nd 4 x All American. He defeated Tom Brands for goodness sake. This cat was something special.

Chris Pendleton- The very core of the OSU Championship team, the rock, the resilience, the moral fiber of the team is what Chris Pendleton weaves and others benefit from his strong convictions. This Cowboy is one in a million.

Josh "The Punk" Thompson- recently Victorious in his MMA battle, now he improves his record to 8 consecutive wins. Josh Thomson talks about his non-title win over Ashe Bowman at Strikeforce at the Playboy Mansion 2 and who he'd like to fight in the future. Record: (16-2-0, 1 NC)

I've been asked to shorten my weekly press releases and believe me I'm trying. Tune in this and every Saturday to America's Wrestling Radio Talk Show, Takedownradio.com. Remember 9 AM to 11 AM CST. Our road trips start soon so keep checking out the web sites for our travel schedule.