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Thread: David Taylor

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    To be fair, Kyler was pulling a ton of weight as a 103 and then maybe a 119 (as a senior).

    But yeah he's grown right up.

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    Sounds alot like Cooper Samuels -an incoming freshman at IU-7th@135in 9th grade 2nd @145 soph then champion@160- 171 -the kid might end up a hwt .

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    Or like Borschel at Iowa, Fresh:103, Soph:125, Jr:152, Sr:171, College 174

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    His dad is pretty damn tall, it wouldn't surprise me to see him (JR/SR) grow to at least 157.

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    It will definitely be interesting to see how his weight shakes out....Not only for him, but also how ISU's lineup will have to adjust if he changes weights.

    Kind of on the same note, it will be interesting to see how Cael continues to recruit. If ISU gets another huge class of middleweights (because he's been hitting the lightweights hard and the upper weights are younger and will be around after the juniors graduate) sometime within 1 or 2 years of Taylor, his growth could shape how the entire lineup looks.
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