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Discuss Asu? at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; After flat lining and coming back to life how do you think the Sun Devil ...
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    Default Asu?

    After flat lining and coming back to life how do you think the Sun Devil program will do this year? Keep in mind there is no Simpson and no Larkin on the coaching staff. If that wasnt bad enough Ortiz is still there. Some good talent graduated and I am not sure about anyone but Robles. My take as a fan is a very dismal season.

    Homerdindon any thoughts you have as an insider are more than wanted.

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    Default Re: Asu?

    Chris Drouin made the round of 12 last year and knocked off Dan LeClere and Kyle Ruschell in the process, he's definitely another ASU guy besides Robles with a shot at AA.

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    I wouldn't put any high hopes on Drouin or Robles this year. Seems the situation in that room is terrible. I've heard first hand accounts of illegal drug use, as well as "teammates" hating eachother so bad they hope they lose! Maybe my info is skewed, but it is from more than one source. Such a shame what has become of that proud program. IMO Ortiz needs to go!

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    I really don't follow the program as closely as I used to for obvious reasons. FWIW, I talked to Roberson last week and he said that he won't be volunteering this year, so that won't hurt them either.

    As for drugs and that stuff, I honestly don't know. I imagine that there isn't a team in the country though where some drugs aren't used by at least a few team members though. I don't know how well the kids on the team get along, because I'm never in the room. There will always be people who butt heads in the room though, which goes without saying.

    Nye coming in at heavyweight will help the team quite a bit, and Robles and Drouin should be tough again. I hear good things about Varela and Deberry, but it will be interesting to see how they adjust to DI wrestling. I hope the best for the kids on the team because they're all good kids from my experience with them, but I think that a coaching change wouldn't exactly hurt the team.
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