NCAA Wrestling Lineage Tree Version 4.0

More wrestlers and MMA fighters (wrestlers) added to the list

If there's anyone missing feel free to add to the list. Thanks to all those who have helped so far on this project.

Index of wrestling instructionals DVD/videos with links to where to purchase them:

Still on Deck to be added to the Tree
1. Brian Cobb (TJ Kerr)
2. Billy Sheridan
3. Gerald Harris (Cleveland State) - Jack Effner - Fran McCann (Indiana State)
4. Scott Adams (Cal Poly)
5. Gomi-Noriaki Kiguchi - Southern Illinois
6. Scott Jorgenson Boise State
7. Danny Castillo Menlo College
8. Aaron Stark Wisconsin
9. Marty Morgan
10. Verne Gagne
11. Nick Nutter
12. Jeff Blatnik (Springfield College, COACH Doug Parker (1955-2005) to ?)
13. Adam DiSabato (BJ's Wrestling coach , Ohio State)
14. Vladimir Anoshenko (maybe)
15. Jack Brisco
16. Shane Roller
17. Cary Kolat

Incomplete Lineages: (Need more info/help)

1. Bobby Lashley/LC Davis (Missouri Valley College) - coach Mike Macholz (who was Macholz's coach)

2. Matt Hamill (RIT) - Coach Ron Gross (Ithaca College 87-90 missing his coach)

3. Hubert Hub Jack (Lock Haven). (Can't find info on who his coach was or where he went to school)