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Thread: Tom Brands/Cael Sanderson "Scuffle"

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    Default Re: Tom Brands/Cael Sanderson "Scuffle"

    That flying leap Brands took was hilarious.

    Man, NCAA wrestling sure is different from what I'm used to, my coaches used to go out for drinks with the other coaches after tournaments, or at worst make fun of them a little bit. They were just as hard on the referees, though.

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    Default Re: Tom Brands/Cael Sanderson "Scuffle"

    Any clue as to what Brands was yelling at Cael to get a rise out of Cael like that?

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    I love it! 2 guys pumped up for their wrestlers, it is cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KennesawState View Post
    Any clue as to what Brands was yelling at Cael to get a rise out of Cael like that?
    I read somewhere that Cael apparently said in an interview that Brands cursed at Wade and that's what set him off.

    Obviously hearsay until someone (probably kr) is able to run down that interview if it exists.

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    Very funny stuff. I love how Brands runs out there even though he has zero intention of actually engaging anyone. I'd love it if one day the referee or his coaches didn't hold him back and someone tossed him into the stands. Don't get me wrong, Brands was a great wrestler, but he weighs about 130 pounds and he's squaring up with guys over 200 pounds that have won the Olympic games. Even though, very entertaining stuff.
    Lets go Brent!

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    Well I respect Brands for standing up for his wrestler, but I think he might have gone a tad far if he did in fact start cursing at the Penn State wrestler. As much as you hate to see extracurriculars such as this, it truly shows just home close wrestlers get with one another and their coach

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    Brands acts like an overgrown child too often. I like that he stood up for his wrestler because it looks like Wade came in late as was wrong for that, but handle like the leader of an elite program should, not some toddler who had his favorite toy stolen by the neighbor kid. Reactions are one thing, but the head of a program needs to control the emotions and reactions that those situations can bring out. That is the difference between a real leader and an overgrown child.

    Cael didn't go at Brands until Brands decided to curse at his wrestler in the middle of his tantrum. Wade was wrong but Brands has no business yelling at him. He can yell at his own wrestler, the opposing coach or the officials but yelling at the other kid is classes and in keeping with behavior Brands and the rest of his staff make a habit of.

    I love wrestling and I love watching the best wrestle. I appreciate the style the Hawkeyes bring forth (even when it comes against my Gophers) but seeing this over and over from Brands is embarrasing and I hope if he sees this tape that he is embarrased by it too, although I won't hold my breath.

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    Big overreaction. I didn't hear a curse, but you've already said that it's a fact. As long as we're winning you'll find reasons to hate him.

    Brands has passion. He advocates for his guys. That's what we want in a coach. Repeat: no one wants to see their wrestler get injured after the whistle.

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    At around 8:12 I thought the audio was particularly classy, "punch him, punch him, punch him, GET EM BRANDS." Very nice.

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