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Thread: 2009-2010 Gopher line up

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    Quote Originally Posted by shopping View Post
    I agree with Gopher. The Nebraska dual when Mack got the last second crunch on Jordan was a turning point in his confidence for the year. He was very questionable till then.

    I say again...

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post

    Reiter was losing matches right up until the postseason and even at Big 10's to the point where people were tolling the funeral bells for his career.
    The two Nebraska matches were on December 6, and January 13. From January 25th through February 17th Reiter lost five of the eight matches he wrestled, and was to the point where people were starting to write off the rest of his career.

    Then come NCAA time he got his game right and was the only guy on the team to wrestle above his seed but he was still cutting weight.

    Something in whatever argument Gofer is attempting to make just doesn't add up for me. Sorry.

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    I think the Dec 6 match with Jordan was a major turning point with Mack and his shape. He gutted it out at the end and got the takedown to win. Confidence definately took a step forward at that point.

    Then he goes out west and has a couple easy matches and wins handily. next was the Scuffle and he wins beating Grey in the finals.
    National duals he goes 4-0 beating Jordan again.After the duals it started to get ugly again and this is the period you are talking about but remember what his schedule looked like.

    Franklin Gomez
    Joey Slaton
    Coleman Scott
    Jimmy Kennedy
    Zach Tanelli

    Then before big Tens he techs Reece Humphrey

    5th seed at the big tens and he takes 4th losing to Kennedy and Slaton again. Pinning Tanelli

    So I guess I will say it was his shape that took a turn in the Dec 6th match and then he just had a really tough schedule in Feb. He was cutting a ton of weight and it did affect him early but later in the year it was the competition he was facing.

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    I don't know what it is we're even trying to debate right now so I think I'm just going to bow out.

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    Bottom line... yes I think some guys were cutting too much. Ness, Rieter, Schlatter, Kish for example. Will love watching Ness at 133 and I hope Schlatter goes up also.

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    I WAS referring to the earlier dual with Nebraska as shopping stated. Guys in the top ten I am assuming Reiter was going to win some, lose some.
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