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Thread: NCAA Breakthrough for 2009.

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    I like Moza Fay a lot and could see him being that "surprising guy" that, through draw and upsets and a hot tournament, could win an NCAA title. He reminds me a little of Randy Lewis - can't really take the good guys down, but once he's on the mat can score a lot of points. His win over Reader in the Iowa State dual last year was one of my favorite matches of the year. My memory frequently fails me these days - but there were something like 25points scored in that match and maybe 1 takedown.
    Moza's tough on top, that's for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnythompsonnum1 View Post
    Hudson Taylor will be your 2009 NCAA champion, losing to him, much in the same way he lost to Phil Davis last year, willl simply mean you lost to the best.
    Gotta say I like the way you think!! The Terps' last NCAA champion was in 1969 (Gobel Kline). Having our next one in 2009 just seems like destiny.....
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