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Thread: How The Gophers Could Beat the Hawkeyes

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    Default How The Gophers Could Beat the Hawkeyes

    I DON'T think its going to happen this way but I think its the only way that it does happen:

    Last time they met:
    #1 Iowa 28, #6 Minnesota 12
    125 - Matt McDonough (Iowa) dec. Zach Sanders (Minnesota), 6-4
    133 - Nate Moore (Iowa) dec. Thane Antczak (Minnesota), 6-4
    141 - Mike Thorn (Minnesota) pinned Montell Marion (Iowa), 0:42
    149 - Brent Metcalf (Iowa) pinned David Zilverberg (Minnesota), 2:18
    157 - Aaron Janssen (Iowa) dec. Mario Mason (Minnesota), 11-5
    165 - Ryan Morningstar (Iowa) tech. fall Joe Grygelko (Minnesota), 17-2
    174 - Jay Borschel (Iowa) maj. dec. Scott Glasser (Minnesota), 11-3
    184 - Phillip Keddy (Iowa) maj. dec. Kaleb Young (Minnesota), 11-0
    197 - Sonny Yohn (Minnesota) dec. Luke Lofthouse (Iowa), 6-1
    Hwt. - Ben Berhow (Minnesota) dec. Blake Rasing (Iowa), 6-3

    This time:
    #1 Iowa v #6 Minnesota
    125 McDonough lbd Zach Sanders 0-3
    133 Dennis lbd Ness 0-6
    141 Marion lbd Thorn 0-9
    149 Metcalf wbmd Mason 4-9
    157 Janssen/Kerr lbd Schlatter 4-12
    165 Morningstar wbd Yohn 7-12
    174 Borschel wbd Glasser 10-12
    184 Keddy wbd Young 13-12
    197 Lofthouse lbd Yohn 13-15
    Hwt Erekson lbd Berhow 13-18

    I think its extremely optimistic to assume Gophers win all three of the first three matches but I like our chances better at home then I did at the duals.

    Its also optimistic to think that Metcalf won't t-fall Mason or pin him but even if so, the match still would go to Gophers 18-15 in this scenario.

    I also think Berhow beating Erekson isn't a bet I would want to make but Erekson is still getting his lungs back a little and if Berhow can keep this match on its feet, he has a chance.

    It also leaves open the option of a possible upset at 165 or 174 though I think Berhow defeating Erekson is more of a possibility then Yohn/M* or Borshel/Glasser. Additionally, it doesn't assume any bonus points for Schlatter at 157 which is still a possibility depending on which Schlatter shows up. I would really like to see Schlatter wrestle here with some wreckless abandon, his team could absolutely use some bonus points. I am really hoping Iowa puts Janssen in there.

    Again, not saying its going to happen, I just think its the way it would have to happen if it did. I will check back in a few hours to see how I get absolutely abused for even considering this is possible.
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