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Discuss Louis Caputo at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Is anyone else a little bit concerned that Caputo's best win this year a 3-1 ...
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    Default Louis Caputo

    Is anyone else a little bit concerned that Caputo's best win this year a 3-1 SV over Jerome Ward? His next best victory is a 5-1 decision over Curran Jacobs. Is it possible that he is overrated at #6 on Intermat and #7 on Before you blow up, its just an observation. He has losses to #11 Keddy and #16 Bosak and #2 Dergo. I don't know, maybe #6 or #7 is right but he is ahead of a helluva lot of good wrestlers at 184.
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    Default Re: Louis Caputo

    Yes. That's why he isn't on my team anymore.
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    No-Louis has wrestled the same way forever -never dominating -just wins -plus , he knew he could not compete first semester and there is a huge difference between practicing hard to win a title and going through the motions -
    If I were a fantasy player and had TNICK I'd be a LOT more concerned ab out 3-0 and 6-0 wins over hofstra and ?> -Hofstra's 125 is Franco-a freshman 33 making a big cut for the team because Hofstra is snake bit with injuries -Bonono comes back from knee surgery and shakes his opponents hand and tears his bicep muscle 15 seconds into his first match-Enck quit ,Patrovich is out ,Rug is RSing and JBB just lost to Lister -and JBB does not lose after Feb. very often .
    Louis and JPO wrestle the same way -whether they win by 10 or 1 is irrelevant .

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    Default Re: Louis Caputo

    I dont see Caputo AAing this year, he is pretty good but the weight is just too deep.
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    Default Re: Louis Caputo

    I think Caputo's one of about 7 bubble guys that will be fighting for 3 AA spots. I wouldn't be surprised either way, but right now I wouldn't predict him to AA.

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