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Thread: Cal State Bakersfield to cut Wrestling?

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    I've given up on California wrestling and the Pac-10. Just in the last two years. Oregon, Portland St, ASU (although they saved themselves), Cal St-Fullerton, Cal St-Bakersfield.

    Also, something I noticed. The budget was cut $240,000. This led to four sports being cut. Does that mean only $60,000 is needed to keep going? I doubt any amount of cash could save any of those sports.

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    Default Re: Cal State Bakersfield to cut Wrestling?

    When I taught school out in CA., a long time ago, the high school programs were great -a lot of talent .Still seem to have THAT but the State itself is bankrupt .
    And money is not the root problem-or guys like Knight at NIKE would just open their checkbooks -but then the NCAA would step in .
    Even in INDIANA we are seeing ''Pay to Play'' as a rule rather than an exception-where the parents shell out 'X' amount of dollars so their kids can participate in Athletics . So it's not just college's who are facing problems -
    I predict within the next 5 years the East Region ,the SoCon ,the Pac 10 ,and the EWL-especially if Pitt leaves -will no longer exist . Remember ,Edinboro is a div 2 school .

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