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Thread: Thorn Pinning Marion

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    If a remember correctly he was taunting the Iowa crowd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post

    I need Zapp and other Iowa fans to comment on the appropriateness of Marion's celebration here after a decision victory over 0 time AA Jamal Parks.
    QUite obviously first time starter Montell Marion was pumped up over his enormous upset victory over 4th ranked Jamal Parks, and he was feeding off the crowd, unlike that punk, Thorn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Has anybody ever said for sure what exactly JO did after he beat Dennis?

    Whatever he did he didn't do it until he walked off the mat so it wasn't picked up by the BTN cameras.

    It was sort of a mini version of what Sanders did after he beat Falck. Only Oliver did it when he got back to his bench and was surrounded by teammates and with more contempt. It was very juvinile. At least Sanders did it in the center of the mat and didnt try to hide from it. I can respect him for that. Oliver acted like a punk.

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    At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I always remember the blank look on Batriov's face at the end of this match. Guy just won the freaking Olympic at age 20 and won't even smile. Too tired maybe, but still, cool to see.

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    Wow, he was jacked.

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    I thought it was funny......I really thought he was obviously rubbing it in when he raised his hands in front of Marion. Is there history w/ these two ???

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    I wonder if AFraud would stand there and pose like that every time now knowing what we all know about his use of steroids?
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    Penn State (9-5-1, 1-2) countered with an upset at 141. Iowa redshirt sophomore Montell Marion, who had been on a roll lately, was taken down 25 seconds into overtime in an 8-6 loss to Adam Lynch, who came into the match with a 6-9 record.

    The loss took some of the steam out of the Hawkeyes and the crowd.

    "We need to get more up for a match like this. You have Iowa State coming to town, you get up, you get excited," Iowa senior 149-pounder Brent Metcalf said. "I think that was lacking in a guy like Montell Marion. You've got to get up for a guy like that. You've got to get up every time. It doesn't matter if it's a team you're supposed to whup or not."

    "Montell Marion is very capable. He's shown it with some big wins," Brands said. "He probably took the guy for granted too much. You have to get ready. This is Division I wrestling. There is really no night off. You train all week to get ready for your competition."

    Everyone has down nights I guess...

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